Men's Wheelchair B
   Southern Players   

Zack Sikora
2002 USTA Wheelchair Seedings List

Top players: 1. Zack Sikora, 2. Mike Galles, 3. Danny Fik, 4. Seth Ritchey, 5. Darryl Rahn

Published on November 29, 2002 at 8pm.
This list includes 58 eligible players and 360 match results.

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 7   Antee, Terry   Shreveport   LA
 10   Lewis, Jim   St. Louis   MO
 11   Hawkins, Eddie   Asheville   NC
 22   McGinn, Johnny   Jackson   MS
 28   Young, Harold   Mc Donough   GA
 33   Kemp, Jeremy   Gallatin   TN
 35   Donahue, Gary      
 38   Jacobs, Macio   Charleston   SC
 42   Burroughs, Matthew   Haughton   LA
 52   Workman, Gary   Charlotte   NC
 56   Yoes, Jim   San Diego   CA

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