Aug Girls' 18 Singles
   Caribbean Players   

Frances Deason 2003 USTA Junior Seeding/Selection List

Top players: 1. Frances Deason, 2. Iris Ichim, 3. Carly Gullickson, 4. Andrea K Remynse, 5. Theresa M Logar

Published on August 13, 2003 at 2pm.
This list includes 926 eligible players and 14481 match results.

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 263   Calvo, Marah   Aguada   PR
 308   Gorbea, Bianca   Aguadilla   PR
 324   Calbeto, Maria   Guaynabo   PR
 359   Guevara, Natalia   San Antonio   PR
 455   Gumbs, Sacha   St Thomas   VI
 526   Bonnelly, Francina   Humacao   PR

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