National Girls' 18 Singles

Lauren Davis 2010 National Junior Standings

Top players: 1. Lauren Davis, 2. Krista N Hardebeck, 3. Monica Puig, 4. Robin K Anderson, 5. Sloane A Stephens

Published on January 1, 2011 at 12pm.
This list is independently published and is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the USTA.

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 396   Agasieva, Dayana   Forest Hills   NY
 553   Mafa, Zeynep   Ojai   CA
 584   Lazdina, Signe   Jelgava   FL
 770   Boncheva, Gergana   West Vancouver   BC
 953   Eisenbrand, Kristina   Moorpark   CA
 959   Tobe, Alrissa   Bluffton   SC
 1215   Garrison, Aurora   Half Moon Bay   CA
 1316   Tanui, Rhoda   Bradenton Fl   FL
 1519   Berdieva, Amina   Chercessk   FL
 1693   Pogribnyak, Nataliya   Bradenton   FL
 1750   Kuhle, Amy   Decatur   IL
 1939   Hohenwarter, Marian   Beaufort   SC
 1954   Rudolfova, Anna   Bradenton   FL
 2432   Taft, Skylar   Lemont   IL

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