2008 Boys 16 Singles

Denis Kudla 2008 National Junior Standings

Top players: 1. Denis Kudla, 2. Evan M King, 3. Jordan Cox, 4. Raymond Sarmiento, 5. Johannes R Van Overbeek

Published on January 18, 2009 at 7pm.
This list is independently published and is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the USTA.




 33   King, Darian   Bridgetown   FL
 634   Gonzalez, Juan   San Juan   PR
 694   Gonzalez, Pedro   Bradenton   FL
 1221   Asis, Gonzalo   Bradenton   FL
 1225   Dalton, Christopher   Rancho Palos Verdes   CA
 1309   Hansberger, Voigt   Houston   TX
 2305   Hamilton, Chase   Hinsdale   IL
 2709   Trasleglise, Jules   Bradenton   FL
 3311   Bolds, Andrew   Cordova   TN
 3665   Spano, Christian   Shreveport   LA
 3683   Angulo, Francisco   San Luis Obispo   CA
 3777   Green, Brice   Pacific Palisades   CA
 4014   Brunson, Ryan   Austin   TX

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