Girls 14 Singles

Caty McNally 2015 National Junior Standings

Top players: 1. Caty McNally, 2. Whitney C Osuigwe, 3. Amanda Anisimova, 4. Hurricane Tyra Black, 5. Natasha Subhash

Published on August 25, 2015 at 2pm.
This list is independently published and is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the USTA.




 796   Compson, Chloe   Glasgow   SC
 921   Stephens, Ayala   Fontana   CA
 1203   Giese, Lindsay   Manhattan Beach   CA
 1453   Berman, Iris   Los Angeles   CA
 1753   Hui, Katherine   San Diego   CA
 2380   Giddings, Claire   Alpharetta   GA
 3248   Martin, Justice   Ojai   CA
 3432   Ikemori, Mika   Huntington Beach   CA

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