New England Prep School Invitational 03
   The Competitor List   

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Ackerman (WEST), McCarton - Stamford, CT

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Blunden (CRH), Karl - Boksburg, RSA

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Coclanis (CRH), Angelo - Chapel Hill, NC

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Devlin (SUF), Rick - Suffield, CT
Draper (AND), Adam - Atherton, CA
Dykema (AND), Russell - Corpus Christi, TX

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Grabala (KO), Matthew - Bristol, CT

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Healey (SKS), Todd - New Haven, CT

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Innes (GFA), Christopher - Redding, CT

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Jia (CRH), Eliot - Hong Kong, CHN

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Lahrmann (LC), Jeffrey - Glastonbury, CT
Li (AND), Michael - Andover, MA

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Malerba (CHES), Christian - Derby, CT
Maloomian (NOB), Greg - Needham, MA
McDonnell (SMMcT), Chris - Naugatuck, CT
Morgan (CHES), Marcel - Kingston, JAM

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Ong (CRH), Ming - SIN
Osorio (CRH), Mauricio - Santafe de Bogota, COL

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Phillips (LC), Morgan - Middle Haddam, CT
Piasecki (GFA), Chris - Norwalk, CT
Picarillo (GFA), Grant - Fairfield, CT

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Rogan (SKS), Greg - Belfast, GBR

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Tchourilov (WOOS), Pasha - Brookfield, CT

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Vasoontara (LC), Joe - Bangkok, THA

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Wagman (AND), Dan - Beverly Hills, CA
Weigel (AND), Jon - Lincoln, MA
Wheeler (GFA), Marshall - Darien, CT

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Yimoyines (SMMcT), Dean - Middlebury, CT

28 Total Players

Information last updated on May 25, 2003 at 7:32 PM
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