Seminole County Junior Designated
Dates:     October 11-13, 2003
Divisions:     BG(18-14,10)s
Hosting Site:     Red Bug/Sanlando/Sylvan Lake Parks
3600 Red Bug Rd.
Casselberry, FL USA 32707
Draw Phone:     407-695-9373
Chairman:     Cindy Harkins
Referee:     Rollie Shea
Section:     Florida

My apologies for publishing late. Due to weather and the hectic circumstances with the tournament being backed up I was unable to post results like I have always done in the past.

Final Results
The Girls 18s final, Girls 18s Qtr FIC semi-final, and the Boys 18s Qtr FIC semi-final will be played and the results will be updated. The Boys 18s final, 3/4 play-off and Girls 18s 3/4 play-off will not be played.

Thank you to the parents and coaches who helped roll the courts after the heavy rains. We couldn't have done it without your help!

Tournament Format Modifications and Changes
The rains caused Sanlando to be 150 matches behind schedule when play resumed on Sunday at 11am; Red Bug was 56 matches behind; and Sylvan was 18 matches behind. In order to play the FIC it was decided to use USTA short scoring and try to play 3 rounds. It also was necessary to alter the schedule of sites on Monday. It was hectic, and some administrative mistakes were made. My apologies to the players and parents.

College Recruiting Lists
This tournament's match results are included in the calculation of the Recruiting and Standings Lists. This and other such tournaments are marked with a red tennis ball () on the search pages.

Quick Reference
In the future, you can jump straight to this tournament by entering the tournament identification #5043269 in your tournament search.

Information last updated on November 21, 2003 at 6:58 PM
Contact Cindy Harkins with any corrections

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