Nwo Jr. Indoor
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Adkins, Anna - Elida, Ohio
Adkins, Jessica - Elida, OH
Albert, Steven - Findlay, OH
Albrechta, David - Fremont, OH
Anderson, Eric - Holland, Ohio
Aubry, Joey - Toledo, OH

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Bartlett, Thomas - Toledo, OH
Bechtel, Evan - Perrysburg, OH
Bechtel, Morgan - Perrysburg, OH, USA
Bischoff, Ben - Napoleon, OH
Bloor, Nancy - Huron, OH
Bruns-Frey, Jessica - Waterville, Ohio
Buckey, John - Toledo, OH
Butcher, Jake - Toledo, OH

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Claar, Steven - Sandusky, OH
Clark, Anne - Perrysburg, OH
Conley, Philip - Huron, OH
Craig, Audrey - Toledo, Ohio
Craig, Benjamin - Toledo, OH
Craig, Jacob - Toledo, OH
Crown, Peter - Sylvania, OH

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Dasani, Serena - Toledo, OH
Davidson, Kayeln - Pittsburgh, PA
Davis, James - Toledo, OH
Delelles, Dustin - Toledo, Ohio
Delp, Morgan - Holland, OH
Delp, Sydney Jane - Holland, OH
Dewan, Anil - Perrysburg, OH
Dewan, Anita - Perrysburg, OH
Donaldson, Joe - Holland, OH
Donaldson, Shaun - Toledo, OH
Doyle, Kyle - Maumee, OH, USA
Drabkova, Monika - Lambertville, MI

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Edwards, Sarah - Toledo, Ohio
Ehrhardt, Bryce - Sandusky, OH

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Fillis, Drew - Toledo, OH
Fletcher, Benjamin - Toledo, Ohio
Fournier, Alexandra - Perrysburg, OH, USA
French, Alex - Lima, OH

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Garrido, Joseph - Oregon, OH
Gauthier, Andy - Ann Arbor, MI
Gaynor, Jason - Sylvania, OH
Gaynor, Sarah - Sylvania, OH
Geiger, Allison - Toledo, Ohio
Goudy, Kate - Galion, OH
Goudy, Victoria - Galion, OH
Gould, Jack - Lima, Ohio
Gronas, Sean - Lima, OH

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Hager, Alexander - Wapakoneta, OH
Hager, Hanna - Wapakoneta, OH
Haidar, Genna - Toledo, OH
Haidar, Mohamad - Toledo, OH
Haidar, Sara - Toledo, OH
Haidar, Shahd - Toledo, OH
Haley, Emma - Tiffin, OH
Hilborn, Jamie - Lima, OH
Hilborn, Jayson - Lima, Ohio
Hohler, Andy - Huron, OH
Holler, John - Sylvania, OH
Hoops, David - Perrysburg, OH

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Jaara, Eyad - Sylvania, OH
Jajou, Peter - Toledo, OH
Jamieson, Andrew - Toledo, OH
Jorgensen, Heather - Toledo, OH
Jorgensen, Ryan - Toledo, OH

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Kallile, David - Sylvania, OH
Keller, Molly - Perrysburg, OH, USA
Kenney, James - Sylvania, OH
Keresztes, Otto - Ontario, CAN
Kosch, Branden - Grand Rapids, OH
Kuhn, Jacob - Perrysburg, OH
Kurtz, Timothy - Maumee, OH

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Lenkay, Sarah - Sylvania, Ohio

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Maaskant, Levin - Ontario, CAN
Maiberger, Kristy - Tiffin, Ohio
Majdalani, Connor - Perrysburg, OH
Majdalani, Tara - Perrysburg, OH, USA
Marino, Alexis - Toledo, OH
Mason, Derek - Maumee, OH
Mccormick, Maggie - Maumee, OH, USA
Mccormick, Maureen - Maumee, OH, USA
McLean, Jaclyn - Port Clinton, OH
Mersch, Christine - Findlay, OH
Metzger, Jaclyn - Perrysburg, OH
Metzger, Julia - Perrysburg, OH
Moody, Logan - Archbold, OH
Morse, Gabriela - Perrysburg, OH
Morse, Meredith - Perrysburg, OH

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North, Eric - Toledo, Ohio
North, Jeffrey - Toledo, OH, USA

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O'Connell, Casey - Holland, OH
O'Loughlin, Quinn - Toledo, OH

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Pai, Abishek - Toledo, OH
Pai, Shweta - Toledo, OH
Parker, Eliot - Fremont, Ohio
Peare, Dawson - Ontario, CAN
Pell, Chris - Huron, OH

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Reasonover, DeAndra - Toledo, OH, USA
Rentner, Jason - Sylvania, OH
Reyes, Chris - Waterville, OH
Rollins, Ashley - Waterville, OH
Ross, Langston - Detroit, MI

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Sanati, David - Bowling Green, OH
Sanford, Eric - Whitehouse, Ohio
Sbrocchi, Austin - Sylvania, OH
Sbrocchi, Devon - Sylvania, OH
Schaub, Courtney - Lexington, Ohio
Schorsch, Jeffrey - Perrysburg, OH
Sellers, Lindsay - Mansfield, Ohio
Shaeffer, Adam - Perrysburg, OH, USA
Shaeffer, Lindsay - Perrysburg, OH, USA
Singler, Tom - Sandusky, OH
Smetona, Joe - OH
Smetona, John - OH
Smetona, Paul - OH
Smetona, Peter - OH
Smith, Steve - Toledo, OH
Steinemann, Tessa - Sandusky, OH
Steinemann, Travis - Sandusky, OH
Swail, Sean - Ontario, CAN

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Thornton, Tim - Toledo, Ohio
Trumbull, Kyle - Sylvania, OH

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Urrutia, Rollin - Toledo, Ohio

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Watts, Victor - Lima, OH
Webb, Rachel - Lima, OH
White, Michael - Ontario, CAN
Wright, Bryan - Lima, OH

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Young, Darcy - Green Springs, OH

128 Total Players

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