2004 Pepsi Cup
   The Competitor List   

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Achenbach, Joni - Monument, Colo.

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Beard, Topler
Beckwith, Lee - Boulder, Colo.
Brown, Valerie
Bullock, Craig
Burgess, Bruce - Littleton, Colo.
Butcher, Barb

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Carbajal, Jessie - Aurora, Colo.
Carollo, Jim
Chronister, Troy - Louisville, Colo.
Clark, Chris - Greeley, Colo.
Clark, Shawn - Greeley, Colo.
Clouse, Woody - Denver, Colo.
Cohen, Val - Aurora, Colo.
Contreras, Gene - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Crisman, Chris - Wheat Ridge, Colo.

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Davis, Dan
Davis, Dan - Aurora, Colo.
Dees, Terry - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Degitis, Diane
Dellinger, Jon - Thornton, Colo.
Denk, Jurgen
Dickinson, Brian

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Edwards, Mike
Evans, Bruce

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Fallenberg, Craig
Feldstein, Tony - Monument, Colo.
Fennell, Lance
Frank, Regis
French, Rob
Funk, Dave

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Gardner, Bill - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Gillhouse, Annette - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Gomez, Victor - Aurora, Colo.
Gonzalez, Brian
Guentert, David - Denver, Colo.

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Hamilton, Malcolm - Fort Collins, Colo.
Hamilton, Nicole
Hart, Dale - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Herrera, James

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Iggy, Julie

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Jackson, Gary - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Jones, C

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Katz, Adam - Aurora, Colo.
Keenan, Mary - Colo. Springs, Colo.

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Lay, Sam
Lestinsky, Helmut
Lewallen, Kent - Littleton, Colo.
Lind, Terry - Louisville, Colo.
Littlefield, Jim
Loughrey, Linda
Lynch, Jennifer - Lakewood, Colo.

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Madden, Rick
Maestas, Robin - Denver, Colo.
Malbacias, Elena
Malloy, Glen
Manilla, Victor - Centennial, Colo.
Marks, Loretta
Marquart, Lisa
Mattson, John
Mazzeo, Bob
McClintock, Mike - Louisville, Colo.
McGlothlin, Kevin
McMaster, Dean - Parker, Colo.
McNair, Brent
Medchill, Isabelle
Mehegan, Barb - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Meredith, Chuck - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Meredith, Eddie - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Metherd, Eric - Englewood, Colo.
Mojer, Linda - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Mosley, Earl
Mullen, Larry - Colo. Springs, Colo.

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Nycum, Ture - Arvada, Colo.

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Payne, Sammy - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Pedrie, Kim - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Pesce, Damon - Aurora, Colo.
Peterman, Helen
Pritekel, Joe

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Quitter, Larry

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Radde, Paul
Rarey, Steve
Richards, Marcia - Littleton, Colo.
Richer, Mickey
Rodgers, Sean

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Salido, Tom
Sanchez, Chris - Aurora, Colo.
Schlegel, Tamera
Scott, Dustin
Settell, April - Aurora, Colo.
Shaffer, Clayton - Westminster, Colo.
Shattuck, Jo - Denver, Colo.
Sheffel, Jeff
Sikorski, Mark - Black Forest, Colo.
Sikorski, Michelle - Black Forest, Colo.
Simmons, Barb
Simms, Vicki
Sirano, Jerry
Smith, Michelle
Spinks, Kwi - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Stadig, Lorene
Strandjord, Mark
Striedieck, John - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Striedieck, Vince - Colo. Springs, Colo.

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Thompson, Eric
Tilbury, Cindy - Denver, Colo.
Tilton, Willie - Pueblo West, Colo.

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Vrabel, Mike

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Wasser, Eric
Wells, Keith
Weston, Jeff - Colo. Springs, Colo.
Wickstrom, Lori - Aurora, Colo.
Wilkinson, Diane
Williams, Janelle
Winter, Diane
Wouk, Ely
Wouk, Mike

122 Total Players

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