2005 ITA Summer Circuit Tournament
   The Competitor List   

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Adams, Ashley
Adams, Bonnie
Aikawa, Kana

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Berger, Nick
Boras, Natalie
Brown, Mitchell
Bullock, Leslie
Burrows, Wes

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Caldwell, Michael - Encinitas, CA, USA
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Cooper, Jack
Craig, Michelle - Bakersfield, CA, USA
Cross, Casey

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Dao, Christine
Dao, Christine - Northridge, CA
Deck, Tyler - Newport Beach, CA, USA
Doheny, Megan - Los Angeles, CA
Donnelly, Jeff
Dunlap, Vanessa

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Ehlers, Hardy
Elins, Max
Eraso, Luis - Fullerton, CA
Erickson, Kyle
Ernst, Hanley
Espiritu, H.R.

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Fatkhiev, Artem - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Fermin, Clarissa
Fratt, Cooper
Friedman, Lee

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Geocaris, Sarah
Gerst, Andy
Green, Justin
Gregory, Gerome - Honolulu, HI, USA

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Hansen, Austin
Held, Brian - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Holland, Brittany
Holsinger, Garth - Pasadena, CA, USA
Holt, Brian
Horne, Jackson - La Canada, CA, USA
Horton, Alec - Lake Forest, CA
Huang, Jessie
Hunt, Forest

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Jackosn, Greg - Kingsburg, CA, USA
Jacoby, Andrew

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Kanter, Micheal
Khoury, Diana
Khoury, Robert

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Larrieu, Peter
Laskowski, Tom - San Diego, CA, USA
Lee, K-Ming
Lee, Tiffany - Cupertino, CA, USA
Lieberman, Jeremy
Ligeon, Gene

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MacFarlane, Hadley
Malec, Katheryn
Malec, Maria
McBride, Lindsay
McKinney, Stefan
Meister, Blake Meister - Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
Moghina, Jeff
Muesse, Andy - San Clemente

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Ndlela, Mlandeli
Newman, Ross - Poway, CA, USA
Nguyen, Chris

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Patel, Vivek
Patton, Steve
Pederson, Jonathan - Clifton, TX, USA
Perelman, Dalya
Persons, Ross - Houston, TX
Pineda, Marco - Los Angeles, CA

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Ramirez, Mychael
Richman, Caroline - CA
Riley, Eric
Roybal, Kyle - Santa Ana, CA, USA

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Sabater, Andrew
Sakhakorn, Nadia - Saugus, CA
Sakhakorn, Yasaman - Saugus, CA
Schroeder, Hilary - Bakersfield, CA, USA
Shafner, Allie
Shapiro, Emma
Shappiro, Emma - Bakersfield, CA
Slootweg, John
Snyder, Taylynn - Newport Beach, CA
Steckmest, Lisa
Steel, Jamie
Suzuki, Shimtei

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Terev, Chris
Thondapu, Ramash

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Uscinski, Danielle

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Valparaiso, Brian
Vuong, Andy

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Waller, Samantha
Wetterholm, Joel
Wetterholm, Paul
Wilkins, Sion
Wilson, Galen
Wojnarowicz, Michael

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Yasftali, Nina

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Zimmer, Peter

99 Total Players

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