2005 ITA Summer Circuit Tournament
This Report:

    Men's Open Doubles Entrants - posted 10:33 PM on Jul, 9 2005

                            Men's Open Doubles Entrants                           

Date: Saturday, July 9, 2005
Time: 10:32:59 PM

Event : Men's Open Doubles                                                       

Seed    Player Name       City      State    Partner Name         City      State
----  ---------------  -----------  -----  -----------------  ------------  -----
      Berger, Nick                         Gerst, Andy                           
      Elins, Max                                                                 
      Ernst, Hanley                        Larrieu, Peter                        
      Fratt, Cooper                        Terev, Chris                          
      Friedman, Lee                        Green, Justin                         
      Holt, Brian                          Muesse, Andy       San Clemente       
      Horne, Jackson   La Canada    CA     Persons, Ross      Houston       TX   
      Horton, Alec     Lake Forest  CA     Valparaiso, Brian                     
      Kanter, Micheal                      Wilkins, Sion                         
      Khoury, Robert                       Roybal, Kyle B.    Santa Ana     CA   
      Patton, Steve                        Ramirez, Mychael                      
      Riley, Eric                                                                
      Slootweg, John                                                             
----  ---------------  -----------  -----  -----------------  ------------  -----
Total: 13 records                                                                

End of Men's Open Doubles Entrants.

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