Racquet for the Cure
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  Women's C 3rd Plback to top   
  F    Carolyn Campbell d. Terri Watson   Def (ns)

All Women's C 3rd Pl Matches
  Women's C 5th Placeback to top   
  F    Vicki Dykstra d. Mary Ellsworth   3-15;15-8;11-1

All Women's C 5th Place Matches
  Women's C Finalsback to top   
  F    Sara Sikorski d. Elena Malbacias   15-1;15-4

All Women's C Finals Matches
  B/C Doubles 1st Playoffsback to top   
  F    Marks/Winter d. Sikorski/Wilmes   15-10;15-2

All B/C Doubles 1st Playoffs Matches
  B/C Doubles 2nd Playoffsback to top   
  R1    Corwin/Spinks d. Gilcrease/Poling   15-8;15-10

All B/C Doubles 2nd Playoffs Matches
  Mixed A Mauveback to top   
  R3    (1) Browne/Mullen d. Evans/Sargent   15-8;15-6

All Mixed A Mauve Matches
  Mixed A's 1st Playoffsback to top   
  R3    Browne/Mullen d. Nelson/Parsons   15-8;15-8

All Mixed A's 1st Playoffs Matches
  Mixed A's 2nd Playoffsback to top   
  R3    Beilgard/Johnson d. Mojer/Sylvester   15-14;15-8

All Mixed A's 2nd Playoffs Matches
  Mixed A's 3rd Playoffsback to top   
  R3    Gaspar/Kellums d. Evans/Sargent   15-5;4-15;11-2

All Mixed A's 3rd Playoffs Matches
  Mixed A's Pinkback to top   
  R3    (1) Gaspar/Kellums d. Nelson/Parsons   15-13;7-15;11-10

All Mixed A's Pink Matches
  O/A Doubles 1st Playoffsback to top   
  F    Browne/Richer d. Gaspar/Williams   15-4;15-3
  SF    Browne/Richer d. Johnson/Tilbury  

All O/A Doubles 1st Playoffs Matches
  O/A Doubles 2nd Playoffsback to top   
  F    Gomez/Schramm d. Carbajal/Inskeep  

All O/A Doubles 2nd Playoffs Matches
  Women's Open/A Dbls Flight 2back to top   
  R5    Baranek/Faulkner d. Coplin/Settell   15-0;15-0
  R5    Morrissey/Schramm d. Richards/Sargent   15;15-3

All Women's Open/A Dbls Flight 2 Matches
  Women's Open Singlesback to top   
  F    Jo Shattuck d. Vivian Gomez   15-6;15-10
  SF    Vivian Gomez d. Shari Coplin   15-7;15-9
  SF    Jo Shattuck d. (3) Marcia Richards   15-6;15-8

  F    [blank] d. [blank]   15-6;15-9
  SQ    (4) Micky Richer d. Cindy Tilbury   15-6;7-6(5));11-0

All Women's Open Singles Matches
  Women's Open/A Dbls Flight 1back to top   
  R5    Carbajal/Inskeep d. Mehegan/Parsons   15-11;15-6
  R5    Gaspar/Williams d. Gallagher/Mojer   15-9;15-7

All Women's Open/A Dbls Flight 1 Matches
  Women's A Singlesback to top   
  F    (3) Shirley Parsons d. Barb Mehegan   15-4;15-3
  PL    (1) Chris Johnson d. (2) Maylen Gaspar   15-10;15-9
  SF    (3) Shirley Parsons d. (2) Maylen Gaspar   7-6(1O));15-8;11-3
  SF    Barb Mehegan d. (1) Chris Johnson   15-2;15-7

  F    (4) Jean Gallagher d. Hannah Oliver   15-10;7-15;11-4
  SF    Hannah Oliver d. Isabelle Medchill   15-9;15-7
  SF    (4) Jean Gallagher d. Sarah Warhaftig   15-1;15-6

All Women's A Singles Matches
  Women's B Singlesback to top   
  F    Susan Bertelsen d. Gyda Torbet   15-4;15-1
  SF    Gyda Torbet d. Sherry Wilmes   15-10;15-6
  SF    Susan Bertelsen d. Diane Wilkinson   15-1;15-8

  F    (2) Leslie Gilcrease d. (4) Michelle Sikorski   6-15;15-6;11-6
  SF    (2) Leslie Gilcrease d. Sandy Poling   7-6(8));15-4;11-0
  SF    (4) Michelle Sikorski d. Diane Degitis   15-0;15-9

All Women's B Singles Matches
  Women's C Singles Blueback to top   
  R3    Elena Malbacias d. Vicki Dykstra   15-2;15-8

All Women's C Singles Blue Matches
  Women's C Singles Greenback to top   
  R3    Sara Sikorski d. Mary Ellsworth   15-4;15-0

All Women's C Singles Green Matches
  Women's D Singlesback to top   
  R3    Lindita Winters d. Nancy Lopez   15-6;15-5
  R3    Nikki Lincoln d. Robin Sikorski   15-2;15-4

All Women's D Singles Matches
  Women's Pro Singlesback to top   
  F    (1) Rhonda Rajsich d. (2) Cheryl Guidinas   15-10;15-3;11-5
  SF    (2) Cheryl Guidinas d. (3) Angela Grisar   15-5;7-6(3));7-6(6));11-7;11-4
  SF    (1) Rhonda Rajsich d. (4) Kristen Walsh   15-10;7-6(8));11-7;11-4

All Women's Pro Singles Matches
  Women's B/C Doubles Flight 1back to top   
  R5    Corwin/Spinks d. Degitis/Torbet   15-9;15-8
  R5    Sikorski/Wilmes d. Oliver/Watson   15-8;15-6

All Women's B/C Doubles Flight 1 Matches
  Women's B/C Doubles Flight 2back to top   
  R5    Marks/Winter d. Brunetti/Wilkinson   15-6;15-7
  R5    Gilcrease/Poling d. (3) Jirik/Malbacias   15-7;15-6

All Women's B/C Doubles Flight 2 Matches
  Mixed Open Doublesback to top   
  R5    Beckwith/Schramm d. Richards/Vrabel   15-7;15-13
  R5    Parrill/Tilbury d. Meredith/Spinks   15-10;15-5
  R5    Burgess/Mehegan d. Carbajal/Katz   Def (ns)

All Mixed Open Doubles Matches
  Mixed A Powder Blueback to top   
  R3    (2) Mojer/Sylvester d. (3) Frank/Gilcrease   15-3;3\

All Mixed A Powder Blue Matches
  Mixed B Doublesback to top   
  R5    Holmes/Small d. Lopez/Poling   Def (ns)
  R5    Bullock/Winter d. Sikorski/Sikorski   15-11;6-15;11-3

All Mixed B Doubles Matches
  Mixed Pro Doubles Blueback to top   
  R3    Guidinas/Parrill d. Beckwith/Walsh   15-13;15-10

All Mixed Pro Doubles Blue Matches
  Mixed Pro Doubles Greenback to top   
  R3    Grisar/Parrill d. Meredith/Rajsich   15-13;15-13

All Mixed Pro Doubles Green Matches

Round Legend

  F = Finals QQ = Quarterfinal Qualifier
  PL = Playoff R5 = Round 5
  SF = Semifinals 5Q = Round 5 Qualifier
  QF = Quarterfinals R4 = Round 4
  16 = Round of 16 4Q = Round 4 Qualifier
  32 = Round of 32 R3 = Round 3
  64 = Round of 64 3Q = Round 3 Qualifier
  128 = Round of 128 R2 = Round 2
  256 = Round of 256 R1 = Round 1

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