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Ahn (POMF), James - Seoul, KOR
Alberghini (KO), Ross - West Hartford, CT
Aldrich (SMS), Rick - Sao Paolo, BRA
Alvarez (CANT), Jose - Bronx, NY
Amory (CANT), Minot - Palm Beach, FL

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Bainbridge (SGS), Ben - West Hartford, CT
Benedict (HOT), Will
Bolster (CANT), Ian - New Milford, CT
Bova (AOF), Powers - Bloomfield, CT
Bova (AOF), Spencer - Bloomfield, CT
Breslin (CANT), Pat - Huntington, NY
Brooke (CONC), Max - Weston, MA
Brooks (HOT), Ian
Brown (SGS), Alec - Upperco, MD
Buck (POMF), Henry - Princeton, NJ
Burns (HOT), Bobby

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Collins (PORT), Conor - Portsmouth, RI
Cook (POMF), Parker - New York, NY
Coscarelli (KO), Kevin - West Hartford, CT
Coscarelli (KO), Michael - West Hartford, CT
Cummings (WNS), Nick - Cambridge, MA
Curren (PORT), Laura - Middletown, RI

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Davis (MID), Boone - Rye, NH
DeFeo (GFA), Eric - Westport, CT
DiCamillo (NOB), Ben - Weston, MA
Diebold (BERK), John - Bedford, NY
Dockterman (CONC), Jake - Carlisle, MA
Donahue (NOB), Pete - Norwell, MA
DuBois (POMF), Nate - Brooklyn, CT

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Elwell (SGS), Briggs - Newport, RI
Ermis (CONC), Alp - Istanbul, TUR

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Fontaine (WNS), David - Somers, CT
Foote (NOB), Henry
Fosdick (CONC), John - Arlington, MA
Fowles (LC), Nate - Dickinson, TX

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Garofalo (GFA), J.P. - Norwalk, CT
Gavris (MID), Matt - Wellesley, MA
Gilbert (WNS), Rob - Greenwich, CT

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Haack (SGS), Ben - Bryn Mawr, PA
Hamilton (BERK), Crawford - Bryn Mawr, PA
Hetz (MID), Ed - San Francisco, CA
Hildebrand (KO), Chris - West Hartford, CT
Hines (DA), Conner - Greenwich, CT
Hottensen (MILL), Bobby - New York, NY
Hyatt (LC), Dan - Wallingford, CT

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Jeon (MILL), Andrew - Seoul, KOR
Johnson (NOB), Casey

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Kelly (NOB), Jay
Kern (KO), Alex - West Hartford, CT
Khaddar (CANT), Alex - Brooklyn, NY
Kim (BERK), Leon - Seoul, KOR
Kim (SMS), Andrew - Wayland, MA
Kim (SMS), Chris - Seoul, KOR
Kim (WNS), Ryan - Seoul, KOR
Kimmerle (AOF), Ben - New Hartford, CT
King (SMS), Josh - Greenwich, CT
Klaubert (WNS), Justin - Westfield, MA
Koehler (CANT), Alex - Ridgefield, CT
Koh (CONC), David - Waltham, MA
Konst (POMF), Zef - Lyme, CT
Kopp (MID), Tyler - Providence, RI
Kruger (KO), Ben - West Hartford, CT
Krusiniski (CONC), Paxton - Lincoln, MA
Kubasek (AOF), Craig - West Simsbury, CT
Kubodera (WNS), Hisashi - Tokyo, JPN
Kussin (MID), Bronson - Concord, MA

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Lee (CONC), Chris - Southborough, MA
Lee (POMF), Ji Hoon - Seoul, KOR
Leib (HOT), Matt
Leon (BERK), Oscar - Passaic, NJ
Levering (DA), Ned - Concord, MA
Lin (BERK), Eishun - Saitama, JPN
Lin (DA), Charlie - Singapore, SIN

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Macalaster (NOB), Andy
MacClaverty (HOT), Mick
MacPherson (SMS), Ned - Marshfield, MA
Maffeo (MILL), Peter - Brooklyn, NY
Malfitano (AOF), Taylor - Boca Raton, FL
McCary (LC), Rob - West Hartford, CT
McKay (KO), Chris - Glastonbury, CT
McLean (CANT), Tyler - Gaylordsville, CT
McSpadden (DA), Charlie - New York, NY
Mills (MILL), Kyle - Lawrenceville, NJ
Miner (GFA), Jack - Fairfield, CT
Molo (BERK), Alex - Chicago, IL

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Nardi (PORT), Lawrence - Berkeley, CA
Nelson-Teutsch (LC), Matt - Simsbury, CT
Nichols (SGS), Trevor - Hong Kong, CHN
Noering (SMS), Toffer - Cohasset, MA

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Palermo (AOF), Grant - Greenwich, CT
Park (WNS), Andrew - Seoul, KOR
Patel (PORT), Rohan - London, GBR
Perry (GFA), Alex - Southport, CT
Pickin (PORT), Thomas - Newport, RI
Piekos (DA), Will - Hamden, CT
Price (HOT), Spencer

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Reid (POMF), Trevor - Somers, CT
Rivera (BERK), Jose - Cambridge, MA
Roberts (MILL), Alex - Sausalito, CA
Robey (SGS), Mike - Long Island, NY
Ross (MILL), Ben - North Haven, CT
Russell (MID), Johnny - West Hartford, CT

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Sherrill (SMS), Sam - Southborough, MA
Siegel (GFA), Hunter - Westport, CT
Sills (LC), Dan - West Hartford, CT
Simone (PORT), Sam - Portsmouth, RI
Smith (MID), Harry - Oyster Bay, NY
Stanley (DA), Rob - Winnetka, IL
Sterne (HOT), Jamie - New York, NY
Sze (LC), Brian - Hong Kong, CHN

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Taylor (PORT), Teddy - New York, NY

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Verjee (AOF), Khalid - Hong Kong, CHN
Voss (DA), Parker - Rye, NY

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West (NOB), Bion - Weston, MA
Whitcomb (GFA), James - Southport, CT
Wilson (MILL), Jasper - New York, NY
Wong (LC), Geoff - Hong Kong, CHN

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Yoon (SGS), Calvin - Seoul, KOR

118 Total Players

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