2006 Lynmar Classic ProAm Racquetball
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Allen, Petra - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Amdahl, Paul - Monument, CO
Archambeau, John - Salida, CO

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Baranek, Dawn - Denver, CO
Barclay, Sean - Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Barton, Chris - Pueblo, CO
Beaudry, Dan - Pueblo, CO
Beckwith, Lee - Boulder, CO
Beltran, Alvaro - Tijuana, MEX
Black, Trevor - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Bolish, Russell - Colorado Springs, CO
Browne, Valerie - Colorado Springs, CO

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Cano, Chris - Pueblo, CO
Cantu, Mike - San Antonio, TX, USA
Carson, Rocky - Laguna Niguel, Calif.
Cerovski, Tracy - Tallmadge, OH
Christensen, Mathew - Denver, CO
Chung, Tina - Boulder, CO
Clouse, Woody - Highlands Ranch, CO
Cole, Mike - Thornton, CO
Cole, Nila - Thornton, CO
Connell, Lee - Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Contreras, Gene - Colorado Springs, CO
Copeland, William - Colorado Springs, CO
Corbett, Byron - Grand Junction, CO
Corbett, Reuben - Grand Junction, CO
Cordero, Ray - Colorado Springs, CO
Cornell, Ray - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Croft, Ben - CSU Pueblo, CO
Crosser, Bryan - Grimes, IA, CAN
Crowther, Chris - Riverside, Calif.

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D'Alise, Emilio - Monument, CO
De Los Rios, Gil - Pueblo, CO
Dees, Terry - Peyton, CO

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Eng, Edwin - Boulder, CO, USA
Evans, Bruce - Westminster, CO

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Farrell, Michael - Colorado Springs, CO
Feldstein, Tony - Mounment, CO
Fuller, Jesi - Albuquerque, NM

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Gallagher, Jean - Littleton, CO
Galusha, Matthew - Westminster, CO
Garcia, John - Pueblo, CO
Gaspar, Maylen - Colorado Springs, CO
Giunta, Nick - Pueblo, CO
Goldberg, Jack - West Orange, NJ
Green, Annette - Pueblo, CO
Guentert, Dave - Aurora, CO

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Hart, Dale - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Harvey, Jack - Colorado Springs, CO
Haskins, Earl - Englewood, CO
Haverland, Marie - Colorado Springs, CO
Hawthorne, Andy - Tallmadge, OH
Healy, Brian - Colorado Springs, CO
Heiser, Robert - Colorado Springs, CO
Herman, Thomas - Boulder, CO
Hernandez, Kevin - Colorado Springs, CO
Hernandez, Miguel - Colorado Springs, CO
Herrera, Alejandro - Coral Gables, FL
Herrera, Anthony - Grand Junction, CO
Hiser, Jim - Colorado Springs, CO
Huczek, Jack - Rochester Hills, Mich.
Husulak, Nathaniel - Saskatoon, SK, CAN

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Johnston, Chip - Gunnison, CO
Jones, Sam - Boulder, CO
Jungk, Jeff - Boulder, CO

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Keenan, Mary - Monument, CO
Keil, Josh - Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Kellums, Greg - Littleton, CO
Keys, Greg - Littleton, CO
Klein, Bobby - Pueblo, CO, USA
Kosak, Richard - Colorado Springs, CO

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Landeryou, James - Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Letsche, Dave - Colorado Springs, CO
Lin, Su - Colorado Springs, CO
Lynch, Jennifer - Bedford, MA

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Mannino, Jason - San Diego, Calif.
Mathews, Mike - Colorado Springs, CO
McBride, Todd - Colorado Springs, CO
McMurray, Timothy - Boulder, CO
Mehegan, Barbara - Colorado Springs, CO
Melster, Matt - Pueblo, CO
Metherd, Eric - Centennial, CO
Meyer, Chris - Boulder, CO
Meyer, Jen - Fruita, CO
Mojer, Linda - Colorado Springs, CO
Monoscalco, Sam - Wilmette, IL
Mosteller, Ben - Colorado Springs, CO
Mullen, Larry - Colorado Springs, CO

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Nakasuna, Kentaro - Pueblo, CO
Nycum, Ture - Arvada, CO

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Oliver, Hannah - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Ortiz, Denis - Alamosa, CO

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Parrill, Scott - Littleton, CO
Parrill, Travis - Brighton, CO
Payne, Sammy - Colorado Springs, CO
Payne, Simon - Centennial, CO
Popovich, Drew - Denver, CO
Powers, Charles - Castle Rock, CO
Pratt, Charlie - Pueblo, CO
Price, Gerry - Danville, CA
Purington, Chris - Londonderry, NH

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Radke, David - Westminster, CO
Richards, Marcia - Littleton, CO
Riser, Tom - Gunnison, CO
Robbins, Jeremy - Boulder, CO

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Sakaeda, Ayami - Canon City, CO
Schramm, Ann - Colorado Springs, CO
Selke, Bill - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Sexton, Ken - Colorado Springs, CO
Shaffer, Clayton - Westminster, CO
Shattock, Cassie - Boulder, CO
Shattuck, Jo - Denver, CO
Sidebottom, C.J. - Pueblo, CO
Sikorski, Mark - Black Forest, CO
Sikorski, Michelle - Black Forest, CO
Sikorski, Sara - Black Forest, CO
Smith, Amanda - Pueblo West, CO
Smith, William - Wichita, KS
Stark, Jeff - Olympia, WA
Striedieck, John - Colorado Springs, CO
Striedieck, Vince - Colorado Springs, CO
Swain, Cliff - Boston, Mass.
Sylvester, Ken - Colorado Springs, CO

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Tetzlaff, Michelle - Colorado Springs, CO
Thoerner, Jason - Peoria, Ill.
Thompson, Byron - Aurora, CO
Tilton, Willie - Huntington Beach, CA
Tucker, Josh - Joplin, MO.

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Ussery, Evan - Albuquerque, NM

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Vanderson, Shane - Columbus, Ohio
Venzara, Miles - Denver, CO
Veselka, Marc - Falcon, CO
Vrabel, Mike - Littleton, CO

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Waselenchuk, Kane - Austin, Texas
West, Gary - Montrose, CO
Williams, Janelle - Highlands Ranch, CO
Williams, Mitch - Pueblo, CO
Williams, Mitch - Pueblo, CO

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Yost, Candy - Colorado Springs, CO

139 Total Players

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