N.E. Prep School Invitational 2006
   The Competitor List   

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Bernasek (HOP), Phil - Fairfield, CT
Bresnehan-McRae(MBS), David - Providence, RI

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Chan (AND), Andrew - Hong Kong, CHN
Coley (CHES), Christian - Glastonbury, CT

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Donaldson (TAFT), Adam - New York, NY
Doup (SUF), Matt - West Springfield, MA

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Fromson (CRH), Peter - Glastonbury, CT

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Gettinger (CRH), Ben - Wilton, CT

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Hadi (KENT), Neima

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Jebsen (AND), Foster
Jia (CRH), Eliot - Shanghai, CHN
Jonas (WNS), Sam - Northampton, MA

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Katzenberg (SAL), Mike
Klee (WILL), Jared - Waterford, CT
Klee (WILL), Justin - Waterford, CT

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Lanphier (CRH), Carr - Winnetka, IL
Li (AND), Michael - Andover, MA

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Malitsky (BRKS), Eric - Salem, MA
McConnell (SAL), Chuck - New York, NY
Meyer (AND), Trey - New Orleans, LA
Mullen (CRH), Max - Westport, CT

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O'Connor (TPS), Dan - Pawling, NY

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Phillips (SAL), Walker - Osterville, MA
Powell (WILL), Andrew - Mystic, CT
Powers (GFA), Marc - Stamford, CT

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Richi (TAFT), Sammer - Middlebury, CT
Roer (LC), Josh - Middlebury, CT

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Schubert (AND), Matt - Reading, MA
Sevinc (HOP), Baris - Shelton, CT
Skiff (WILL), Adam - Mystic, CT
Skinner (BRKS), Alex - Bradford, MA

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Tamm (LC), Christopher - Saratoga Springs, NY
Tinius (SAL), Jonas
Toder (MBS), Blake - Pawtucket, RI

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Vongcharoenrat (NMH), Vasin - Bangkok, THA

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Wagman (AND), Dan - Pacific Palisades, CA
Wold (WNS), Joe - Casper, WY

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Zackheim (HOP), David - Westport, CT

38 Total Players

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