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Ahmed (SPS), Will - Mill Neck, NY
Ang (SPS), Justin - Singapore, SIN
Arnold (LC), Matt - Larchmont, NY

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Bainbridge (SGS), Ben - West Hartford, CT
Baker (BHS), Sam - Dover, MA
Beatt (TAFT), Sam - West Hartford, CT
Bedell (LC), Eric
Bennett (MILT), Amory - Brookline, MA
Bernard (MILT), Andy - Sherborn, MA
Berner (BRUN), Robby - Rye, NY
Blackiston (BRUN), Clay - Greenwich, CT
Bottini (HOT), Mark - New Hanburg, NY
Bradley (GROT), Blay
Brewer (TAB), Miles - BER
Brooks (HOT), Ian - West Hartford, CT
Browne (BRUN), Will - Greenwich, CT
Bryan (CRH), Tucker - Katonah, NY
Burns (HOT), Bobby - Greenwich, CT

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Campbell (TAFT), Bobby
Campo (HOT), Will - Norwalk, CT
Casertano (SAL), Will - Millbrook, NY
Casserley (PEA), Edward - London, GBR
Chan (AND), Andrew - Hong Kong, CHN
Chitayat (SPS), Mike
Claghorn (TAFT), McKay - New York, NY
Clark (BRUN), James - Greenwich, CT
Clayman (GROT), Ben - Groton, MA
Clayman (GROT), Sam - Groton, MA
Cleveland (GROT), Chris
Compton (LC), Doug
Creech (WEST), Peter - Nantucket, MA
Cunningham (TAB), Chris - Rochester, MA

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Diaz-Gonzalez (SGS), Antonio - Mexico City, MEX
DiCamillo (NOB), Ben - Wellesley, MA
Dodge (TAFT), Alex - Southport, CT
Dolan (TAB), Jay - Marion, MA
Dowd (BHS), Ryan - Weston, MA

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Esselen (SAL), Luke - Keller, TX

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Fantini (LC), Will
Fitzgerald (BHS), Kevin - Medford, MA
Foote (NOB), Henry - Newton, MA
Fulham (GROT), Andrew

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Gettinger (CRH), Ben - Wilton, CT
Gould (AND), Sam - Andover, MA
Gruner (SPS), Will - Portland, OR

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Haack (SGS), Ben - Bryn Mawr, PA
Hyatt (LC), Dan - Wallingford, CT

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Jebsen (AND), Foster
Johnson (NOB), Casey - Scituate, MA
Johnson (TAFT), Peter
Judson (BRUN), Travis - Greenwich, CT

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Katz (WEST), Will - Bronxville, NY
Kim (PEA), Justin - Seoul, KOR
King (WEST), Chris - Princeton, NJ
Kirby (BHS), Julian - Dover, MA
Kirkendoll (SAL), J.D. - Telluride, CO
Koh (CRH), Michael - Singapore, SIN
Koppel (AND), David - Reading, MA
Kourides (SPS), Nicholas - Rye, NY

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LaBarre (WEST), Chris - Southwick, MA
LaMotte (WEST), Clark - West Grove, PA
LeBlanc (BHS), Chris - Lexington, MA
Lee (CRH), Dae Ro - Sungam City, KOR
Lee (PEA), Luke - Sungam City, KOR
Lewicki (WEST), Adam - Avon, CT
Lincoln (GROT), Alex
Lionetti (SAL), Lucio - Stamford, CT

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Macalaster (NOB), Andy - Wellesley, MA
Maruca (PEA), Andy - Washington, DC
Maruca (PEA), Mike - Washington, DC
Matthews (BRUN), Craig - Greenwich, CT
Mattiasen (TAB), Evan - Ocean Beach, NY
McGreavy (TAB), Myles - Warren, RI
McNamara (GROT), Tommy
Miao (AND), Graham - Hong Kong, CHN
Morris (SPS), Will - Bronxville, NY
Mullaney (BHS), Ryan - Boston, MA

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Naviroj (TAFT), Oat - THA
Nichols (SGS), Trevor - Hong Kong, CHN
Nimmo (MILT), John - Wellesley, MA

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Pattamasaevi (TAFT), Pongsak
Pena (LC), Jesus
Phillips (SAL), Walker - Osterville, MA
Place (MILT), Alex - Milton, MA
Price (HOT), Spencer - Chevy Chase, MD

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RaoChakravorti(MILT), Tarit - Brookline, MA
Reid (SAL), Allie - Rye, NY
Remsen (CRH), Zach - Locust Valley, NY
Rosstad (SAL), Christian - Westport, CT
Royer (SGS), Phil - Portsmouth, RI
Rush (HOT), Ben

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Schubert (AND), Matt - Reading, MA
Seth (TAB), Nikhil - Mumbai, IND
Seth (TAB), Vir - Mumbai, IND
Sheldon (SGS), Jack - New York, NY
Shepard (PEA), Nate - Exeter, NH
Shum (SGS), Peter - Hong Kong, CHN
Siegel (WEST), Hunter - Westport, CT
Silk (AND), Dan - Lowell, MA
Smith (NOB), Earl - Brookline, MA
Sobhy (PEA), Omar - Sea Cliff, NY
Sullivan (MILT), Will - Milton, MA
Sze (LC), Brian - Hong Kong, CHN

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Takesian (MILT), Barrett - Brookline, MA
Trachtman (NOB), Sam - Newton, MA

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Van (CRH), Gregory - Hong Kong, CHN
Von Kohorn (CRH), Doug - Weston, CT

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West (NOB), Bion - West Newton, MA
Wilson (SPS), James - Old Westbury, NY
Wynne (BRUN), Wes - Greenwich, CT

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Yanofsky (BHS), Peter - Belmont, MA

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Zweiner (HOT), Eric - Hartford, CT

112 Total Players

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