Nepsitt 2008
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Ahmed (SPS), William - Mill Neck, NY

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Berman (MBS), Jacob - Providence, RI
Bogage (HYDE-ME), Andrew - Norross, GA
Bond (CHES), Beck - Meriden, CT
Boyd (CHES), Lucian - Cheshire, CT
Burt (TAFT), Nate - Irvine, CA

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Donaldson (TAFT), Adam - New York, NY

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Fine (MBS), Ben - Providence, RI

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Gallarotti (CRH), Alessio - Haddam, CT
Greenwald (CRH), Jamie - Bedford, NY
Guo (CRH), Tom - Johannesburg, RSA

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Jebsen (AND), Foster - Lloyd Harbor, NY
Jonas (WNS), Sam - Northampton, MA

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King (BRUN), Sam
Klee (WMS), Jared - Waterford, CT
Klee (WMS), Justin - Waterford, CT

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Lebovitz (CRH), Chip - Gladwyne, PA
Levy (CHES), Hamilton
Lirola (CRH), Christophe - New York, NY
Lobo Dias (CRH), Danilo - Cromwell, CT
Lubetkin (CRH), Derek - Manlius, NY

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McConnell (SAL), Chuck - New York, NY
McDermott (CRH), Brian - New Canaan, CT
Morgan (TAFT), Tyler - Boulder, CO
Mullen (CRH), W. Maxwell - Westport, CT

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Neel (MBS), Dylan - Providence, RI

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Ortiz (MAR), Manuel - Merida, MEX

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Porras (MAR), Federico - Chihuahua, MEX

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Raffini (SPS), James - Hong Kong, CHN
Reeder (HARV), Robbie - Bedford, NY

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Schoder (WNS), Steve - Stratford, CT
Shapiro (HARV), Ben - Katonah, NY
Siderides (DA), Andrew - New Canaan, CT
Skinner (BRKS), Alex - Bradford, MA

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Toder (MBS), Blake - Pawtucket, RI

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Wagner (TAFT), Charlie - Oldwick, NJ
Welch (BHS), Jack - Boston, MA
Wilson (SPS), Grant - San Francisco, CA
Wilson (SPS), Jamie - Locust Valley, NY
Wuhrmann (GUN), Eliot - FRA

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Yanofsky (BHS), Peter - Belmont, MA
Young (GUN), Dan

42 Total Players

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