Arun's TA Diane McNeal Mem. Tourn.
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Adamsky, Christopher - New Philadelphia, OH
Adler, Joshua - Pepper Pike, OH
Ahuja, Siddarth - Gates Mills, OH
Anzalone, Vincent - Willoughby Hills, OH

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Bell, Dylan - Shaker Heights, OH
Buchinsky, David - Solon, OH
Buffington, Colton - Westlake, OH
Burton, Chad - Willoughby Hills, OH

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Chak, Ashwin - University Ht, OH
Cole, Tyler - Warren, OH
Cook, Bryson - Youngstown, OH

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Deeter, Jonathan - Wadsworth, OH
Demuth, Alexander - Chagrin Falls, OH

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Fredericka, Michael - Warren, OH
Fukamachi, Shouta - Mayfield Hts, OH

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Gabriel, David - Shaker Hts, OH
Goldberg, Eric - Solon, OH
Griffin, Nathan - Broadview Heights, OH
Gross, Brandon - Cleveland, OH
Gustafson, Chas - Rocky River, OH

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Hsia, Joshua - Twinsburg, OH
Huffman, Sam - Shaker Heights, OH
Hurtuk, Alexander - Chagrin Falls, OH

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Jain, Kavi - Solon, OH
John, Nirmal - Beachwood, OH

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Kaufman, Gabe - Solon, OH
Kwatra, Anuj - Girard, OH

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Lennon, William - Chagrin Falls, OH
Lewandowski, Jonathan - Akron, OH
Lubarsky, Daniel - Highland Hts, OH

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Marx, Tommy - Shaker Heights, OH
Mayher, Robby - Timberlake, OH

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Nader, John - Warren, OH
Nader, Joseph - Warren, OH
Nesic, Marco - Aurora, OH
Noall, Weston - Solon, OH

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Pohelia, Aaron - Akron, OH
Pohelia, Andrew - Akron, OH

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Rapaport, Joseph - Westlake, OH
Reichert, Tobias - New Phila, OH
Richard, Nick - Shaker Heights, OH
Rinaldi, Alex - Highland Heights, OH
Romanoff, Andrew - Beachwood, OH

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Scanniello, Peter - Bay Village, OH
Steinbauer, Christopher - Chagrin Falls, OH
Stroup, Robert - Novelty, OH

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Ubersax, Samuel - Pepper Pike, OH

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Yackmack, Patrick - Mantua, OH
Yang, Brian - Strongsville, OH
Young, Will - Chagrin Falls, OH

50 Total Players

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