USTA/Midwest B18 Des. March Series
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Adams, Will - Indianapolis, IN
Andersen, Lucas - Greenwood, IN

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Baiocchi, Michael - Naperville, IL
Benedict, Brandon - Indianapolis, IN
Boomgarden, Alex - Fitchburg, WI
Brown, Jason - Deerfield, IL
Buffington, Colton - Westlake, OH
Bush, Jeremy - Long Grove, IL

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Campanile, Nate - Grayslake, IL
Cepeda, Miguel - Mason, OH
Childers, Julian - Matteson, IL
Clay, Alexander - Hurricane, WV
Collins, Adam - Evanston, IL
Conley, Chance - Portland, MI
Conley, Christopher - Elm Grove, WI
Coran, Danny - Mequon, WI
Corwin, Felix - Elm Grove, WI
Corwin, Tim - Elm Grove, WI

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Downs, Patrick - Fort Wayne, IN
Dunn, Kyle - Fond Du Lac, WI

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Essick, Christopher - Fishers, IN

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Fawcett, Thomas - Winnetka, IL
Fiaschetti, Nicholas - Rochester Hills, MI

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Hagermoser, Alex - Hinsdale, IL
Harron, Conrad - Chicago, IL
Helm, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Heneghan, Peter - Hinsdale, IL
Holt, Bradley - Homewood, IL
Hubert, Luke - New Berlin, WI

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Ihrig, Mark - Munster, IN

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Jacobson, Nathan - Winnetka, IL
Jacobson, Robert - Winnetka, IL
Joyce, Martin - Hinsdale, IL

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Kadyrov, Ismail - Vernon Hills, IL
Kammerait, William - Mequon, WI
Kasbeer, Jack - Deerfield, IL
Koenen, Jasper - Saint Charles, IL

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Lehman, Graham - Oak Park, IL
Leto, Joey - Downers Grove, IL
Lynch, Matthew - Grafton, WI

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Ma, Toby - Deerfield, IL
Mandrell, Garrett - Indianapolis, IN
Marbach, Eric - Naperville, IL
Massie, Tucker - Bloomfield Hills, MI
McCoy, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Metzler, Branden - Rockford, IL
Mosetick, Rafe - Hinsdale, IL

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Niquet, Damon - Nashotah, WI

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Ozga, Arthur - Kenilworth, IL

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Page, Brian - Wheaton, IL

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Raster, Greg - Elm Grove, WI
Rodefeld, Daniel - Carmel, IN

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Savaglio, Michael - Kenosha, WI
Sellitto, Michael - Glenview, IL

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Treis, Michael - Brookfield, WI
Trinka, Luke - Oak Park, IL

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Van Meter, Joseph - Indianapolis, IN
Verbauwhede, Jordan - Whitelaw, WI

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Waak, Lucas - Manitowoc, WI
Wildman, Patrick - Cincinnati, OH
Woldmoe, Alexander - Fishers, IN
Worley, Timothy - Naperville, IL

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Zhang, Gordon - Lisle, IL
Zordani, John - Lake Forest, IL

64 Total Players

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