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Armstrong, John - Carmel, IN

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Barger, Nathan - Decatur, IN
Boussom, Daniel - Goshen, IN
Brusil, Maxwell - Chicago, IL

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Conley, Chance - Portland, MI
Crocker, Davis - Kalamazoo, MI

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Dakich, Peter - Carmel, IN
Denton, Jason - Elkhart, IN
Downs, Patrick - Fort Wayne, IN

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Galvin, Mack - Arlington Heights, IL
Gilbert, Mitch - Fort Wayne, IN
Gilmore, Aaron - Huntington, IN
Goldman, Garrett - East Grand Rapids, MI
Grabill, Eddie - Hinsdale, IL
Gray, Mitchell - Fort Wayne, IN
Gupta, Rohan - Dublin, OH

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Heiniger, Jack - Munster, IN
Helm, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Hoffacker, Clay - Fort Wayne, IN
Huber, Davis - Fort Wayne, IN

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Imel, Reid - Bluffton, IN

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Johnson, Ross - Fort Wayne, IN

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Kite, Mark - Zionsville, IN
Krcek, Kristian - Downers Grove, IL

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Lal, Ankur - Fort Wayne, IN
Landwehr, Ian - Daleville, IN
Legere, Austin - Fort Wayne, IN
Lieberman, Joshua - Long Grove, IL

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Ma, Toby - Deerfield, IL
Marbach, Eric - Naperville, IL
Mateescu, Daniel - Westchester, IL
McCoy, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
McMullen, Graham - Pendleton, IN

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O'Connor, James - Evansville, IN
Ortega, Kristopher - Homer Glen, IL

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Pecyna, Brian - Glen Ellyn, IL
Perkins, Jacob - Sellersburg, IN
Pollock, Nick - Goshen, IN

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Reifeis, William - Indianapolis, IN
Reinbold, Graham - Carmel, IN
Rhoades, Christian - Holland, MI

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Scott, Charlie - Fort Wayne, IN
Sell, Steward - Kalamazoo, MI
Smith, Alex - Dayton, OH
Smith, Tyler - Dayton, OH
Solarewicz, Nicholas - Rockford, MI
Sonenfild, Connor - Florence, KY
Spaulding, James - Winnetka, IL
Stark, Andrew - Indianapolis, IN
Steiner, Matthew - Fort Wayne, IN

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Thomas, Adrian - Carmel, IN
Thompson, Grant - Hawthorn Woods, IL
Trevino, James - Tipp City, OH

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Vishnubhotla, Radhakrishna - Westfield, IN

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Wang, Michael - Fort Wayne, IN
Werner, Nicholas - Carmel, IN
Wettschurack, Kyle - Warsaw, IN
Williams, Collin - Fort Wayne, IN

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Yahanda, Christopher - Fort Wayne, IN

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Zazove, Nicholas - Highland Park, IL

60 Total Players

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