CITA Midwest Qualifier
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Academia, Samantha - Muncie, IN
Adams, Will - Indianapolis, IN
Ahlbrand, Elisabeth - Jasper, IN
Alexander, Natalie - Muncie, IN
Alviar, Carlo - Indianapolis, IN
Alviar, Melinda - Indianapolis, IN
Andersen, Conner - Greenwood, IN
Andersen, Lucas - Greenwood, IN
Andres, Will - New Albany, IN
Ariens, Julia - Jasper, IN
Armstrong, John - Carmel, IN
Ashman, Madison - Muncie, IN
Austin, Brooke - Indianapolis, IN
Azcui, Denise - Bloomington, IN

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Barrett, Brent - New Palestine, IN
Barron, Carlie - Evansville, IN
Barron, Chad - Evansville, IN
Bates, Alec - New Albany, IN
Baxter, Emily - Carmel, IN
Baxter, Stephen - Carmel, IN
Bedi, Anish - Newburgh, IN
Benedict, Brandon - Indianapolis, IN
Bercovitz, Nathan - Indianapolis, IN
Bertolini, Alexander - Carmel, IN
Betz, Haydon - Indianapolis, IN
Bhargava, Shivam - Westfield, IN
Biederstedt, Susan - Indianapolis, IN
Blais, Tanner - Indianapolis, IN
Block, Andrew - Fishers, IN
Boesing, Natalie - New Albany, IN
Boesing, Nicholas - New Albany, IN
Boesing, Olivia - Floyds Knobs, IN
Bogle, Nathan - Terre Haute, IN
Bolt, Lucas - Anderson, IN
Booker, Kate - Indianapolis, IN
Bottorff, Evan - Newburgh, IN
Bottorff, Rachel - Newburgh, IN
Bouggy, Matt - W Lafayette, IN
Bowman, Dezmin - Indianapolis, IN
Brady, Abby - Indianapolis, IN
Brady, Ian - Indianapolis, IN
Brady, Timothy - Indianapolis, IN
Brown, Addison - Evansville, IN
Brune, Will - Carmel, IN
Bruner, Alexis - Paoli, IN
Buntin, Connor - Jeffersonville, IN

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Caldwell, Ethan - Terre Haute, IN
Caldwell, Olivia - Terre Haute, IN
Carlson, Kiersten - Westfield, IN
Carroll, Sean - Evansville, IN
Cazier, Addison - Fishers, IN
Charron, Avery - Jasper, IN
Chen, Jeffrey - Carmel, IN
Ciulla, Lauren - Carmel, IN
Clark, Autumn - Indianapolis, IN
Coakes, Cameron - West Lafayette, IN
Coakes, Courtney - West Lafayette, IN
Coghlan, Megan - Bloomington, IN
Coghlan, Sarah - Bloomington, IN
Coleman, Meghan - Indianapolis, IN
Combs, Caroline - Indianapolis, IN
Concannon, Sam - Indianapolis, IN
Cook, Morgan - Terre Haute, IN
Copeland, Carrie - Clayton, IN
Coward, Samuel - Jeffersonville, IN
Cox, Gabby - Evansville, IN
Cox, Grace - Mount Vernon, IN
Crowley, Briana - Columbus, IN
Current, Devon - Eaton, IN

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Dakich, Peter - Carmel, IN
Dalton, Alexander - Knightstown, IN
Davis, Brandon - Newburgh, IN
Davis, Cassie - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, Robert - Noblesville, IN
Defonce, Zac - Fishers, IN
Deighan, Simone - Indianapolis, IN
Devillez, Bailey - Newburgh, IN
Devillez, Madison - Newburgh, IN
Dishman, Teaghan - Muncie, IN
Doehrman, Emily - Brownsburg, IN
Dooley, Meagan - Hardinsburg, IN
Dunn, Connor - Carmel, IN

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Eades, Elizabeth - Jeffersonville, IN
Eaton, Kailey - Fishers, IN
Egan, Meredith - Terre Haute, IN
Egan, Tate - Terre Haute, IN
Elliott, Macie - Evansville, IN
Emhardt, Charlie - Carmel, IN
Emhardt, William - Carmel, IN
Endris, Codie - Floyds Knobs, IN
Essex, Amanda - New Palestine, IN
Essick, Christopher - Fishers, IN

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Fairfield, Cole - Indianapolis, IN
Farmer, Taylor - Carmel, IN
Farrell, Patrick - Carmel, IN
Fellers, Casey - Greenwood, IN
Fenwick, Jordan - Muncie, IN
Fitzpatrick, Meghann - Mooresville, IN
Fitzpatrick, Molly - Mooresville, IN
Fitzpatrick, Morgan - Mooresville, IN
Flanery, Elise - West Lafayette, IN
Fledderman, Jillian - Greenwood, IN
Fletchall, Molly - Carmel, IN
Fletchall, Patrick - Carmel, IN
Flick, Anna - Jasper, IN
Frank, Dana - Floyds Knobs, IN
Franklin, Abigail - Paoli, IN
Frazier, Rudolph - Indianapolis, IN
French, Richard - Indianapolis, IN
Fuehne, Matthew - Columbus, IN
Fuller, Chrissy - Newburgh, IN

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Galle, Megan - Columbus, IN
Gardner, Caitlin - Fishers, IN
Gerstein, Ari - Carmel, IN
Gharst, Zack - Indianapolis, IN
Ghumaan, Kv - Indianapolis, IN
Gochnauer, Seth - Carmel, IN
Goshell, Meredith - Carmel, IN
Gray, Katelyn - Greenwood, IN
Greenwalt, Kitty - Carmel, IN
Greenwell, Jordan - Evansville, IN
Greif, Lukas - Newburgh, IN
Guffey, Alysa - Indianapolis, IN

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Hacker, Alec - Carmel, IN
Hague, Tia - Indianapolis, IN
Hague, Tyne - Indianapolis, IN
Hamilton, Jared - Evansville, IN
Hammel, Samantha - Anderson, IN
Hammer, Alex - Greenwood, IN
Hankinson, Holbrook - Indianapolis, IN
Hardwick, Halie - Yorktown, IN
Harrington, Reiley - Carmel, IN
Harris, Aidan - Indianapolis, IN
Hasson, Ashlee - Columbus, IN
Hebble, Kathleen - Sellersburg, IN
Held, David - Indianapolis, IN
Helm, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Hennessey, Nick - Carmel, IN
Hennessey, Zach - Carmel, IN
Hernandez, Rodrigo - Newburgh, IN
Hess, Emma-Lin - Indianapolis, IN
Himes, Allison - Indianapolis, IN
Hirsch, Marcus - Indianapolis, IN
Hodge, Brigitte - Indianapolis, IN
Hodge, Elliott - Indianapolis, IN
Hollingsworth, Eric - Richmond, IN
Hollis, David - West Lafayette, IN
Hollis, Ryan - West Lafayette, IN
Hollowell, Rebecca - Muncie, IN
Hoover, Griffin - Carmel, IN
Hopper, David - Zionsville, IN
Hornett, Ellen - Fishers, IN
Hornett, Jonathan - Fishers, IN
Huber, Ben - Zionsville, IN
Huck, Dana - Anderson, IN
Huck, Sidnay - Anderson, IN
Hunt, Austin - Jeffersonville, IN
Hurt, Drew - Indianapolis, IN

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Iden, Kelly - Fishers, IN
Iffert, Lilly - Indianapolis, IN

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Jairath, Neil - Newburgh, IN
Jairath, Ruple - Newburgh, IN
Jha, Rahul - Columbus, IN
Jonathan, Ashley - Westfield, IN

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Kalis, Parker - Carmel, IN
Kanii, Erin - New Albany, IN
Kanii, Marin - New Albany, IN
Kase, Kassidy - Batesville, IN
Kashyab, Anjan - Tell City, IN
Katz, Jaren - Carmel, IN
Kawamoto, Jackie - Greenwood, IN
Kawamoto, Jade - Greenwood, IN
Kim, Alexander - Fishers, IN
Kinney, Taylor - Greenwood, IN
Kitchel, Alex - Indianapolis, IN
Kite, Jack - Carmel, IN
Kite, Luke - Zionsville, IN
Kite, Mark - Zionsville, IN
Klapper, Benjamin - Carmel, IN
Klapper, Hannah - Carmel, IN
Klapper, Sarah - Carmel, IN
Klein, Marissa - Evansville, IN
Kluttz, Danielle - Carmel, IN
Knust, Caleb - Plainfield, IN
Knutson, Vaughn - Greenwood, IN
Koch, Michael - Evansville, IN
Koscielski, Claire - Indianapolis, IN
Koscielski, Grace - Indianapolis, IN
Koscielski, Maeve - Indianapolis, IN
Krause, Thomas - West Lafayette, IN
Kroot, James - Indianapolis, IN
Kroot, Jonathan - Indianapolis, IN
Kumar, Mihir - Carmel, IN
Kumar, Sameer - Carmel, IN

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Lahr, Abe - Indianapolis, IN
Landwehr, Ian - Daleville, IN
Langford, Grace - Avon, IN
Large, Adam - Carmel, IN
Lebovits, Ali - Carmel, IN
Lee, Jasmine - Newburgh, IN
Leonard, Peter - Bloomington, IN
Littrell, Nick - Columbus, IN
Liu, Scott - Carmel, IN
Loffer, Ashley - Muncie, IN
Lorenz, Jessica - Fishers, IN
Love, Emma - Carmel, IN
Love, Harrison - Jasper, IN
Love, Henry - Jasper, IN
Loveland, Jacob - Charlestown, IN
Luchow, Henry - Milan, IN
Lueken, Brooke - Jasper, IN
Lueken, Maria - Jasper, IN
Lugar, Megan - Carmel, IN
Luke, Marcus - Fortville, IN
Lunte, Alexis - Carmel, IN
Luo, Kevin - Columbus, IN

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Mahenthiran, Ashorne - Fishers, IN
Makio, Michael - Carmel, IN
Mandrell, Garrett - Indianapolis, IN
Mandrell, Kendall - Indianapolis, IN
Mann, Cody - Haubstadt, IN
Mantri, Aditya - Columbus, IN
Marchese, Grace - Carmel, IN
Martin, Alex - Floyds Knobs, IN
Marx, Lauren - Evansville, IN
Mathies, Logan - Jasper, IN
Matsel, Jared - Jasper, IN
McAuley, Brian - Indianapolis, IN
McAuley, Caroline - Indianapolis, IN
McAuley, Patrick - Indianapolis, IN
McCardwell, Emma - Pendleton, IN
McCarter, Anne - Indianapolis, IN
McCarter, John - Indianapolis, IN
McCoy, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
McFerran, Michelle - Alexandria, IN
Mcintyre, Summer - Newburgh, IN
McMullen, Graham - Pendleton, IN
McNicholas, Aron - Indianapolis, IN
Metzger, Cameron - Westfield, IN
Metzger, Wyatt - Westfield, IN
Meyer, Seth - Columbus, IN
Michael, Andrew - Carmel, IN
Miller, Catherine - Indianapolis, IN
Miller, Julia - Carmel, IN
Miller, Kenneth - Carmel, IN
Miller, Lucas - Washington, IN
Miller, Rachael - Columbus, IN
Moe, Matthew - Carmel, IN
Monesmith, Sarah - Jasper, IN
Moore, Laura - Westfield, IN
Moriarty, Megan - Fishers, IN
Morris, Marissa - Eaton, IN
Moss, Noah - Jasper, IN
Muhiga, Khamasi - Muncie, IN
Myers, Makenzie - Evansville, IN

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Narsinghani, Krishan - Columbus, IN
Natarajan, Jay - Carmel, IN
Neal, Conner - Muncie, IN
Neal, Nathan - Darlington, IN
Neathery, Grace - Greenwood, IN
Nguyen, Andrew - Floyds Knobs, IN
Noe, Mark - Carmel, IN
Norman, Kendal - Spencer, IN

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O'Connor, James - Evansville, IN
Osborne, Samuel - Indianapolis, IN
Ossenberg, Ollie - Evansville, IN

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Padgett, Bailey - Carmel, IN
Padgett, Lauryn - Carmel, IN
Parshall, Evan - Westfield, IN
Patel, Rushi - Carmel, IN
Patterson, Erin - Lanesville, IN
Pauley, Cameron - Carmel, IN
Perkins, Jacob - Sellersburg, IN
Perkins, Megan - Sellersburg, IN
Piekarsky, William - Bloomington, IN
Pleshkan, Yevgenia - Indianapolis, IN
Plunkett, Ryan - Floyds Knobs, IN
Poore, Kacy - Bloomington, IN
Potter, Anna - Terre Haute, IN
Potter, Caroline - Terre Haute, IN
Prein, Edward - Indianapolis, IN

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Quammen, Christopher - Carmel, IN
Quammen, Matthew - Carmel, IN
Quinkert, Jacob - Sellersburg, IN

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Ramani, Arjun - West Lafayette, IN
Rao, Shivali - Carmel, IN
Rayl, Daniel - Carmel, IN
Red, Luke - Columbus, IN
Reifeis, Claire - Indianapolis, IN
Reifeis, William - Indianapolis, IN
Reilly, Jack - Jeffersonville, IN
Reilly, Morgan - Jeffersonville, IN
Reinbold, Graham - Carmel, IN
Reist, Riley - Indianapolis, IN
Reist, Spencer - Indianapolis, IN
Rich, Grace - Fishers, IN
Rigney, Collin - Greensburg, IN
Roach, Sydney - Indianapolis, IN
Roark, Tiernan - Yorktown, IN
Roberts, Noah - Franklin, IN
Robertson, Derek - Carmel, IN
Robillard, Alec - Eaton, IN
Robillard, Jay - Eaton, IN
Roby, Nicholas - Terre Haute, IN
Rodefeld, Daniel - Carmel, IN
Rodenberger, Evan - Muncie, IN
Rogers, Abby - Jasper, IN
Rogers, Mac - Bloomington, IN
Rohler, Luke - Indianapolis, IN
Rubeiz, Michael - Carmel, IN
Runyon, Haley - Indianapolis, IN

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Sadanandan, Nadia - Carmel, IN
Sanapati, Dev - Newburgh, IN
Sanders, Anthony - Columbus, IN
Sanders, Jack - Albany, IN
Sanders, Madelyn - Columbus, IN
Sanders, Melissa - Columbus, IN
Sargent, Valerie - Jasper, IN
Satz, Cade - Indianapolis, IN
Scanlan, Hayle - Indianapolis, IN
Schoolcraft, Cameron - Greenwood, IN
Schoolcraft, Isabella - Greenwood, IN
Schrader, Lauren - Carmel, IN
Schuette, Erich - Newburgh, IN
Schuette, Hannah - Newburgh, IN
Schuler, Elizabeth - Evansville, IN
Schuster, Abi - Shelbyville, IN
Seger, Emma - Jasper, IN
Seger, Kendra - Jasper, IN
Seng, Ben - Jasper, IN
Seng, Eli - Jasper, IN
Shah, Neil - Carmel, IN
Shah, Ravi - Carmel, IN
Shammas, Samir - Edinburgh, IN
Sharygin, Daniel - Newburgh, IN
Simion, Teodora - Avon, IN
Skelly, Carson - Zionsville, IN
Slaninka, Mark - Fishers, IN
Smith, Aubrey - Columbus, IN
Smith, Dakota - Greenfield, IN
Smith, Sajin - Indianapolis, IN
Snider, Emma - Yorktown, IN
Sogard, Abigail - Indianapolis, IN
Spafford, Nicole - Mc Cordsville, IN
Speer, Macey - Indianapolis, IN
St John, Alec - Albany, IN
Stackhouse, Will - Indianapolis, IN
Stark, Andrew - Indianapolis, IN
Stoner, Jack - Floyds Knobs, IN
Stutz, Andrew - Indianapolis, IN
Sundaram, Ashwin - Carmel, IN
Suresh, Ravi - West Lafayette, IN
Swartwood, Brigitte - Evansville, IN
Swartwood, Rachel - Evansville, IN
Swedo, Karen - Carmel, IN

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Theil, Elizabeth - Jasper, IN
Thieneman, Parker - Floyds Knobs, IN
Thieneman, Presley - Floyds Knobs, IN
Thomas, Adrian - Carmel, IN
Thompson, Aaron - Evansville, IN
Thompson, Katie - Avon, IN
Thompson, Nick - Avon, IN
Thygesen, Scott - Indianapolis, IN
Tomey, Kathryn - Zionsville, IN
Toney, Brittany - Greenwood, IN
Trinkle, Halli - Charlestown, IN

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Van Der Wiel, Brooke - Carmel, IN
Van Der Wiel, Scott - Carmel, IN
Vanderkolk, Sara - Columbus, IN
Vemuru, Sonny - Fishers, IN
Vincent, Audrey - Evansville, IN
Vincent, James - Evansville, IN
Vishnubhotla, Radhakrishna - Westfield, IN
Vohra, Elaina - Carmel, IN
Voigt, Mary - Carmel, IN
Volbers, Jacob - Indianapolis, IN
Vuotto, Gina - Fortville, IN

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Waldron, Mason - Muncie, IN
Watson, Riess - Jasper, IN
Weaver, Grant - Jasper, IN
Webb, Lauren - Greenwood, IN
Wegener, Jason - Muncie, IN
Wegener, Joe - Muncie, IN
Weiss, Alayna - Carmel, IN
Werner, Nicholas - Carmel, IN
Wiegel, Benton - Indianapolis, IN
Wiegel, Caroline - Indianapolis, IN
Wiegel, Drew - Indianapolis, IN
Wild, Hayley - Carmel, IN
Wild, Lindsey - Carmel, IN
Wild, Maximilian - Carmel, IN
Wilson, Jaelyn - Haubstadt, IN
Wilson, Nick - Muncie, IN
Winchell, Brock - Jeffersonvlle, IN
Wojtalik, Luke - Indianapolis, IN
Woldmoe, Alexander - Fishers, IN
Wolf, Joseph - Greenwood, IN
Wood, Emma - Seymour, IN
Wooldridge, James - Carmel, IN
Woolwine, Robert - Columbus, IN
Woolwine, Samuel - Columbus, IN
Worthen, Ryan - Carmel, IN
Wu, Brandon - Evansville, IN
Wu, Brenna - Evansville, IN
Wuthrich, Bradley - Muncie, IN
Wynne, Jt - Indianapolis, IN

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Yang, Christine - Carmel, IN
Yarbrough, Emma - Jasper, IN
Yeagley, Luke - Terre Haute, IN
Yee, Elliott - Carmel, IN
Young, Peyton - Richmond, IN

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Zumbrun, Nathan - Indianapolis, IN

412 Total Players

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