NIN Midwest Qualifier
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Anderson, Laura - Chesterton, IN
Andrews, Jenay - Fort Wayne, IN
Andrews, Jordan - Fort Wayne, IN
Arevalo, Safra - South Bend, IN

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Barger, Nathan - Decatur, IN
Barnes, Leah - Fort Wayne, IN
Becker, Samantha - Huntertown, IN
Bemisderfer, Madelyn - Fort Wayne, IN
Bonin, Bryce - Crown Point, IN
Boussom, Daniel - Goshen, IN
Boussom, Lillian - Goshen, IN
Boyd, Jasmine - Marion, IN
Boyer, Will - Elkhart, IN
Brinker, Alexandra - Granger, IN
Brown, Jaedan - Granger, IN
Brown, Tayla - Granger, IN

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Cender, Eric - Valparaiso, IN
Corrigan, Natale - South Bend, IN
Corrigan, Sid - South Bend, IN
Crookston, Rachel - Valparaiso, IN

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Daman, Cory - Fort Wayne, IN
DeLuna, Trey - Munster, IN
Denton, Jason - Elkhart, IN
Detmer, Arlo - Munster, IN
Downs, Patrick - Fort Wayne, IN

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Fernandez, RamonAnthony - Granger, IN
Fernandez, Zach - Granger, IN
Filus, Tommy - Fort Wayne, IN
Flahaven, Anna - Niles, MI
Fleming, Abram - Gas City, IN
Fruits, Brandon - Auburn, IN

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Garrison, Luke - Fort Wayne, IN
Gilbert, Mitch - Fort Wayne, IN
Gize, Evan - Roanoke, IN
Glickfield, Sasha - Marion, IN
Golm, Matthew - Fort Wayne, IN
Goodman, Lauren - Fort Wayne, IN
Gray, Mitchell - Fort Wayne, IN
Grubb, Krystal - Elkhart, IN
Gruber, Lydia - Granger, IN

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Haran, Pranav - Kokomo, IN
Heiney, David - Fort Wayne, IN
Heiniger, Jack - Munster, IN
Heiniger, Nikki - Munster, IN
Heuer, Paige - Munster, IN
Heuer, Ryan - Munster, IN
Hibbard, Jack - Valparaiso, IN
Hoagland, Ashley - Fort Wayne, IN
Holly, Patrick - Fort Wayne, IN
Houser, Alex - Fort Wayne, IN
Huber, Davis - Fort Wayne, IN

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Ihrig, Mark - Munster, IN
Ihrig, Morgan - Munster, IN
Imel, Reid - Bluffton, IN

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Jackson, Sydney - Fort Wayne, IN
Johnson, Crae - Gary, IN
Johnson, Ross - Fort Wayne, IN
Jones, Keon - Osceola, IN
Julien, Jack - South Bend, IN

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Kalisch, Benjamin - Valparaiso, IN
Kammerer, Madisen - Valparaiso, IN
Kennedy, Caitlin - Valparaiso, IN
Kennedy, Kelly - Valparaiso, IN
Kitchell, Michael - Munster, IN
Kondamuri, Nathan - Dyer, IN

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Lal, Aarnav - Fort Wayne, IN
Lal, Ankur - Fort Wayne, IN
Landis, Jenna - Elkhart, IN
Lee, Madelyn - South Bend, IN
Legere, Austin - Fort Wayne, IN

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Mader, Kate - Granger, IN
Madrigal, Abigail - Highland, IN
Madrigal, Vanessa - Highland, IN
Marano, Ross - Fort Wayne, IN
Mario, John - Valparaiso, IN
Mast, Emily - Goshen, IN
Mast, Joel - Goshen, IN
Mast, Morgan - Goshen, IN
Mathews, Leonard - Merrillville, IN
McEvoy, Shannon - Fort Wayne, IN
McGuckin, Elizabeth - Long Beach, IN
McGuckin, Natalie - Long Beach, IN
Meekhof, Haley - Granger, IN
Mellinger, Casey - New Carlisle, IN
Milne, William - Fort Wayne, IN
Modesto, Bobbi - Portage, IN
Modesto, Meg - Portage, IN
Mohamedali, Austin - Kendallville, IN
Moore, Cameron - Granger, IN
Mullaney, Mary - South Bend, IN

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Najev, Bertram - Fort Wayne, IN

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O'Connor, Patrick - South Bend, IN
O'Shaughnessy, Marty - Munster, IN
Oppman, Bailey - Granger, IN

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Parry-Lemon, Benjamin - Columbia City, IN
Pascual, Nicole Marie - Granger, IN
Pastoret, Rose - Valparaiso, IN
Pavlovski, Boris - Crown Point, IN
Pochop, Marty - Valparaiso, IN
Pollock, Nick - Goshen, IN
Porter, Quinn - Michigan City, IN
Pries, Thomas - South Bend, IN

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Qureshi, Taha - Munster, IN

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Radke, Ethan - Fort Wayne, IN
Rahrig, Caroline - Fort Wayne, IN
Rahrig, Natalie - Fort Wayne, IN
Rajchel, Mary - Fort Wayne, IN
Ray, Brendan - Schererville, IN
Reinking, Jeff - Fort Wayne, IN
Richter, Adam - Dyer, IN
Richter, Colin - Dyer, IN
Romanetz, Leo - Granger, IN
Roof, Ashley - Porter, IN
Rooth, Jessica - Munster, IN
Rosales, Gabriela - Munster, IN
Ruzga, Thomas - Schererville, IN

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Sanderson, Luke - Wheatfield, IN
Sanderson, Molly - Wheatfield, IN
Schlabach, Thomas - Goshen, IN
Scott, Charlie - Fort Wayne, IN
Scruggs, William - Fort Wayne, IN
Seessel, Isaac - South Bend, IN
Silvas, Kaitlyn - Michigan City, IN
Smith, Bryce - Fort Wayne, IN
Smith, Scott - Huntertown, IN
Snelson, Haylei - Granger, IN
Stallman, Matthew - Kendallville, IN
Stanchin, Jay - South Bend, IN
Stanchin, Taylor - South Bend, IN
Stanley, Jack - Fort Wayne, IN
Steiner, Eli - Leo, IN
Steiner, Isaac - Leo, IN
Steiner, Matthew - Fort Wayne, IN
Stephens, Andrea - Fort Wayne, IN
Stoffel, Luke - Fort Wayne, IN
Stone, Samuel - Fort Wayne, IN
Streit, Aaron - New Paris, IN
Streit, Lauren - New Paris, IN
Stromer, Devon - LA Porte, IN
Sutton, Nate - Fort Wayne, IN
Sutton, Rachel - Fort Wayne, IN

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Tepperman, Melissa - Munster, IN
Tinsley, Kristina - Schererville, IN

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VanWyngarden, Ryan - Fort Wayne, IN
Varda, Michael - La Porte, IN
Vessels, Kelsey - Roanoke, IN

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Walter, Brad - Mishawaka, IN
Wang, Michael - Granger, IN
Weir, Thomas - Fort Wayne, IN
Wettschurack, Kyle - Warsaw, IN
Wettschurack, Ryan - Warsaw, IN
Whittaker, Corinn - Elkhart, IN
Williams, Peter - Valparaiso, IN
Wisniewski, Alexander - Munster, IN
Wright, William - Fort Wayne, IN

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Yahanda, Christopher - Fort Wayne, IN
Yergler, Madelyn - Granger, IN

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Zaderej, Aaron - South Bend, IN

158 Total Players

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