Wisconsin Midwest Qualifier
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Allen, Nicholas - Green Bay, WI
Anderson, Patrick - Racine, WI
Antreassian, Andre - Racine, WI
Apfelbach, Peter - Mequon, WI
Aranda, Jaden - Bayside, WI
Argall, Andrew - Fitchburg, WI
Armbrust, Clayton - Brookfield, WI
Arnette III, Thomas - Manitowoc, WI

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Bailey, Luke - Wausau, WI
Bailey, Sean - Wausau, WI
Ballecer, Kevin - Milwaukee, WI
Banerjee, Rohan - Racine, WI
Berman, Sam - Milwaukee, WI
Berridge, Kevin - Mequon, WI
Binversie, Gabe - Plymouth, WI
Binversie, Gavin - Plymouth, WI
Bodner, Adam - Mequon, WI
Budiono, Austin - Sussex, WI

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Calvy, Tommy - Pewaukee, WI
Camilleri, Thomas - Cedarburg, WI
Carswell, John - Pleasant Pr, WI
Clack, Calvin - Waunakee, WI
Collison, Jack - River Hills, WI
Conard, Brett - Milwaukee, WI
Conley, Christopher - Elm Grove, WI
Conley, William - Elm Grove, WI
Conta, Patrick - Whitefish Bay, WI
Cooper, Matthew - Mequon, WI
Coran, Danny - Mequon, WI
Coran, Jacob - Mequon, WI
Corwin, Felix - Elm Grove, WI
Corwin, Tim - Elm Grove, WI

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Dahl, Andrew - Fort Atkinson, WI
Dai, Haiwen - Middleton, WI
Dale, Pablo - Wauwatosa, WI
Desai, Alan - Neenah, WI
Diesler, Jake - Mukwonago, WI
Docalavich, Ryan - Milwaukee, WI
Dumitrescu, Calin - Fox Point, WI
Dundas, Alex - Hales Corners, WI
Dundas, Andrew - Hales Corners, WI
Dundas, Jason - Hales Corners, WI
Dunn, Kyle - Fond Du Lac, WI
Dykema, Harry - De Pere, WI
Dykema, Jack - De Pere, WI
Dykema, Nick - De Pere, WI

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Ebel, Noah - Pewaukee, WI
Engel, Robin - Fox Point, WI
Engelhart, Jimmy - Elm Grove, WI

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Fisher, Alexander - Elm Grove, WI
Foran, Benjamin - Whitefish Bay, WI
Francken, Doug - Elm Grove, WI

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Giesen, Brett - Manitowoc, WI
Glasgow, Andrew - Madison, WI
Glasgow, Jonathan - Madison, WI
Gold, Ryan - Verona, WI
Gonzales, John - Whitefish Bay, WI
Gregg, Brennan - Milwaukee, WI
Gundersen, Andrew - Wauwatosa, WI

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Hansen, Jacob - West Allis, WI
Heitzer, Kevin - Pewaukee, WI
Heth, Spencer - Thiensville, WI
Holman, Aaron - Mequon, WI
Horneffer, David - Brookfield, WI

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Jella, Taral - Brookfield, WI
Jella, Tarun - Brookfield, WI
Jesse, Jason - Mequon, WI
Johnson, Casey - Kohler, WI

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Kallman, Nick - Milwaukee, WI
Kammerait, William - Mequon, WI
Kavanagh, Matthew - Milwaukee, WI
Kendler, Tyler - Elm Grove, WI
Klein, Ben - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Andrew - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Colin - Elm Grove, WI
Kolnik, Adam - Walworth, WI
Kraussel, Blake - New Berlin, WI
Krill, Patrick - Elm Grove, WI
Krill, Robert - Elm Grove, WI
Kwock, Bryan - Mequon, WI

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Lahren, Ben - Wausau, WI
Larrain, Josemaria - Wausau, WI
Larrain, Tommy - Wausau, WI
Lauterbach, Sebastian - Walworth, WI
Levey, Benjamin - Milwaukee, WI
Lewis, Tyler - Kohler, WI
Lingard, Cecil - Madison, WI
Lo, Rhamses - Milwaukee, WI
Luetschwager, Bradley - Stevens Point, WI
Lukas, Michael - Manitowoc, WI
Luskin, Benjamin - Madison, WI
Lynch, Matthew - Grafton, WI

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Mackman, Brent - Mequon, WI
Mardanus-Budiono, Ethan - Sussex, WI
Martens, Graham - Whitefish Bay, WI
Massart, John - Elm Grove, WI
Matoska, Thomas - New Berlin, WI
May, Robbie - Mequon, WI
Mian, Abrar - Green Bay, WI
Mian, Ahmed - Green Bay, WI
Mian, Imran - Green Bay, WI
Mullins, Andrew - Mequon, WI
Mullins, Eric - Mequon, WI
Muth, Chas - Milwaukee, WI

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Navratil, Zane - Racine, WI
Niquet, Damon - Nashotah, WI
Norderhaug, Bjorn - Brookfield, WI

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Paykel, Hunter - Mequon, WI
Peppel, Zachary - Hartland, WI
Perez, Gabriel - Racine, WI
Perez, Juan - Racine, WI
Primozic, Matthew - Elkhart Lake, WI

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Raster, Greg - Elm Grove, WI
Raut, Indraneel - Oshkosh, WI
Rempel, Aaron - Mequon, WI
Risgaard, Ryan - Neenah, WI
Rokosz, Alex - Mequon, WI
Ross, Morgan - Sheboygan, WI

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Saleh, Kenan - Fond Du Lac, WI
Saluja, Akshay - Brookfield, WI
Saluja, Anand - Brookfield, WI
Sane, Kailas - Elm Grove, WI
Savaglio, Michael - Kenosha, WI
Schifano, Caleb - Fox Point, WI
Schubert, Thomas - Hartland, WI
Schulz, Alec - Mequon, WI
Sinense, Benjamin - Elm Grove, WI
Sinense, David - Elm Grove, WI
Slicker, Joey - Mequon, WI
Slominski, Andrew - Mequon, WI
Strauss, Justin - Mequon, WI
Strawn, Estil - Mequon, WI
Struck, Kyle - Kohler, WI
Sullivan, John - Fox Point, WI

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Tan, Jason - Brookfield, WI
Tegtmeier, Colt - Madison, WI
Tennison, Will - Verona, WI
Timm, Christian - Milwaukee, WI
Torres, Juan - Milwaukee, WI
Treis, Gunther - Brookfield, WI

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Utrie, Luke - Appleton, WI

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Van Emburgh, Jake - Verona, WI
Vargas, Kerby - Milwaukee, WI
Verbauwhede, Jordan - Whitelaw, WI

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Wait, Benjamin - Germantown, WI
Wall, Scott - DePere, WI
Westley, Ryan - New Berlin, WI
Widder, Brent - Sheboygan, WI
Wong, Frank - River Hills, WI

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Yang, Nicholas - Mequon, WI
Young, Kyran - Hubertus, WI

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Zaiser, Hansen - Elm Grove, WI
Zehms, Jake - Mequon, WI
Zhang, Wentong - Whitefish Bay, WI

154 Total Players

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