Lewis Tennis Slammin' Summer Open
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Adegas, Heitor - Fort Collins, CO
Amundson, Jimmy - Littleton, CO

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Ball, Kevin - Boulder, CO
Ball, Randall - Boulder, CO
Berry, Adam - Fort Collins, CO
Brown, Michael - Greeley, CO
Buffington, Samuel - Fort Collins, CO

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Chavez, Matthew - Mead, CO
Cho, Sung Hun - Laramie, WY
Curd, Chad - Centennial, CO

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Davis, Garet - Loveland, CO
DeFrancia, David - Fort Collins, CO

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Ecton, Ky - Fort Collins, CO
Eismeier, Sydney - Castle Rock, CO

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Grolnick, Noah - Longmont, CO
Gruszczynski, Austin - Highlands Ranch, CO
Gueswell, Mark - Windsor, CO

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Hamner, Sarah - Fort Collins, CO
Hayes, Connor - Longmont, CO
Hayes, Sawyer - Longmont, CO
Howarth, Ryan - Boulder, CO
Hunsinger, James - Fort Collins, CO

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Iverson, Kellen - Littleton, CO
Iverson, Kyle - Littleton, CO

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Johar, Jackson - Fort Collins, CO
Jordaan, Marie - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Jordaan, Richter - Cherry Hills Village, CO

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Kawula, Caroline - Englewood, CO
Kawula, Miranda - Englewood, CO
Kooi, Wyatt - Fort Collins, CO
Kosonocky, Griffin - Fort Collins, CO
Krbec, Jason - Fort Collins, CO

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Landstrom, Taylor - Fort Collins, CO
Lazarus, Nathan - Boulder, CO
Lee, David - Glen Haven, CO
Lorenz, Luke - Fort Collins, CO

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Macgregor, Cecil - Niwot, CO
Martin, Lucas - Fort Collins, CO
Moddelmog, Craig - Windsor, CO
Morris, Cameron - Bellvue, CO

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Nottberg, Katie - Fort Collins, CO
Nuss, Erich - Castle Pines, CO
Nuss, Evan - Castle Pines, CO

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Pentz, Carter - Niwot, CO
Pentz, Julia - Niwot, CO
Penvari, Chanon - Aurora, CO
Pirie, Keiran - Castle Rock, CO

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Reiss, Noah - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Rivera, Adam - Littleton, CO
Roberts, Madeline - Englewood, CO
Roerty, Alexander - Fort Collins, CO
Roth-Carter, Riley - Fort Collins, CO

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Schappell, Garrett - Fort Collins, CO
Shanahan, John - Superior, CO
Spielman, Jennifer - Longmont, CO
Sunset, Scott - Fort Collins, CO
Supe, Lydia - Fort Collins, CO
Svichar, Nicholas - Greenwood Village, CO

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Teslow, Tara - Fort Collins, CO

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Van De Pas, Thomas - Highlands Ranch, CO

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Wong, Shannon - Fort Collins, CO

61 Total Players

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