USTA National Open
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Allwardt, Tate - Boca Raton, FL
Altick, Helen - Monroe, LA
Auyeung, Christina - Midland, MI
Azcui, Denise - Bloomington, IN

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Baer, Alexandra - Virginia Beach, VA
Brady, Abby - Indianapolis, IN

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Chen, Tiffany - Naperville, IL
Christian, Scott - Lake Forest, IL
Colton, Chase - Davie, FL
Coran, Danny - Mequon, WI
Crocker, Davis - Kalamazoo, MI

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Demerath, Sabrina - Kenmore, WA
Dilorenzo, Francesca - New Albany, OH
Dolehide, Caroline - Hinsdale, IL
Dube, Michael - Livonia, MI

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Emme, Annemarie - Glenview, IL
Entwistle, Tommy - Sioux Falls, SD
Evans, Jalen - Kalamazoo, MI

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Fliegner, Maximilian - Clarkston, MI

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Genesen, William - Tulsa, OK
Gonzalez, Xavier - Houston, TX
Goodman, Lauren - Fort Wayne, IN
Goodwin, John - Mission Hills, KS
Gordon, Michaela - Los Altos Hills, CA

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Hammond, Mercedes - Belgrade, ME
Harvey, Colin - Lake Forest, IL
Hirsch, Asher - Cincinnati, OH
Hoogland, Sam - Glenview, IL
Huckleby, Adorabol - Detroit, MI

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Iranpour, Ariana - Bratenahl, OH

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Jacoby, Jake - Little Rock, AR

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Kalhorn, Nicole - Colorado Springs, CO
Koenen, Jasper - Saint Charles, IL
Kros, Jason - Fairfax, VA

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Lin, Vincent - Schaumburg, IL
Liu, David - Omaha, NE
Lopez, Raquel - Las Vegas, NV
Lorenzini, Michael - Clarendon Hills, IL

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Martinelli, Samantha - Denver, CO
Marvin, Katie - Potomac, MD
Melch, Madeline - Potomac, MD
Miller, Mollie - Portsmouth, OH
Mitchell, David - Castle Rock, CO

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O'Brien, Colleen - Ann Arbor, MI
Omsky, David - Aventura, FL

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Radosevic, Mirko - Miami, FL
Reinke, Alexander - Bethesda, MD
Rolph, Madeline - Lexington, KY
Ryba, Caroline - Glenview, IL

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Sandberg, Aaron - Hudson, OH
Sec, Oliver - New York, NY
Shaffer, Kennedy - Rossford, OH
Shewalter, Charles - Winchester, MA
Sienko, Michael - Williamston, MI
Small, Johnathan - Midland, MI
Smith, Megan - Cary, NC
Smith, Samantha - Cary, NC
Stuhlmann, Sarah - Saint Louis, MO
Summers, Grace - Cordova, TN
Susi, Erica - Vero Beach, FL

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Tarwid, Peter - Lake Forest, IL

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Wasserman, James - New York, NY
Whalen, Natalie - Chicago, IL

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Yadav, Dhruv - Chagrin Falls, OH

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Zordani, Christina - Lake Forest, IL

65 Total Players

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