USTA Regional Tourn. (Columbus)
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Allen, Kolie - Lombard, IL
Allen, Natalie - Beavercreek, OH
Asokumar, Dhanya - Hinsdale, IL

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Bemisderfer, Madelyn - Fort Wayne, IN
Bianco, Alessandra - Chicago, IL
Bolton, Elysia - Lake Forest, IL
Brown, Addison - Evansville, IN
Brown, Jaedan - Granger, IN
Brown, Tayla - Granger, IN
Burich, Danielle - Westchester, IL

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Carlson, Kiersten - Westfield, IN
Coakes, Cameron - West Lafayette, IN
Coleman, Meghan - Indianapolis, IN
Cox, Caroline - Louisville, KY
Crowley, Briana - Columbus, IN

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Desai, Emily - Springfield, IL

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Eades, Elizabeth - Jeffersonville, IN

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Fuller, Chrissy - Newburgh, IN

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Gandham, Miriam - Ann Arbor, MI
Gao, Joanne - Novi, MI
Ghidotti, Claire - Dublin, OH

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Henry, Somer - Franklin, TN
Hess, Emma-Lin - Indianapolis, IN
Hirsch, Gracey - Cincinnati, OH
Huser, Amanda - Mason, OH

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Jackson, Morgan - Dayton, OH
Jennings, Grace - Louisville, KY
Johnson, Alyson - Raceland, KY
Jones, Alyvia - Midland, MI
Jones, Kathleen - Lewis Center, OH
Jung, Kyra - Columbus, OH

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Karoub, Monique - Farmington Hills, MI
Knoch, Brittany - Massillon, OH
Koscielski, Claire - Indianapolis, IN
Koscielski, Maeve - Indianapolis, IN
Kowalski, Meg - La Grange, IL
Krueger, Grace - Geneva, IL
Kumar, Reeshma - Novi, MI
Kumar, Shanoli - Novi, MI
Kyle, Ahmeir - Saint Joseph, MI

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Lemonds, Lauren - Prospect, KY
Littrell, Paige - Columbus, IN
Loureiro, Anna - Orland Park, IL

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Mcnally, Caty - Cincinnati, OH
Meyer, Alexia - Powell, OH
Mukherjee, Tia - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Myers, Makenzie - Evansville, IN

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Nash, Jeannie - Bloomfield, MI
Nirundorn, Mai - Louisville, KY

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O'Connor, Gabriella - Cincinnati, OH
Oku, Erika - Hinsdale, IL
Owens, Julia - Loveland, OH

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Patel, Sophia - Cary, NC
Pleiman, Kelly - Dayton, OH
Porter, Haleigh - Flossmoor, IL

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Radu, Adina - Leonia, NJ
Reynolds, Anna Marie - Columbus, OH
Rohrbacher, Olivia - Sandusky, OH

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Salter, Camryn - Chicago, IL
Sandberg, Molly - Hudson, OH
Sanders, Madelyn - Columbus, IN
Sesi, Katie - Ann Arbor, MI
Showalter, Amanda - Centerville, OH
Shulman, Stephanie - Gates Mills, OH
Skonieczny, Amanda - Cedarburg, WI
Smith, Aubrey - Columbus, IN
Sprouse, Taylor - Chillicothe, OH
Stearns, Peyton - Mason, OH
Swain, Lise - Mason, OH
Szabo, Caroline - Midland, MI

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Tattini, Madison - Lexington, IL
Townsend, Camille - Flushing, MI
Townsend, Katya - Flushing, MI
Trinkle, Halli - Charlestown, IN

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Veluvolu, Tara - Naperville, IL

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Wallihan, Leah - Cincinnati, OH
Weinberg, Annika - Glencoe, IL

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Yergler, Madelyn - Granger, IN

78 Total Players

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