2012 UC Davis Aggie Invitational
   Entrants -       Flight A ITA Singles   

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  1. SC Ilya Osintsev, -
  2. ST Daniel Ho, -
  3. USF Bernard Saraiva, -
  4. NEV Victor Ouvrard, -

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CAL Andrew Scholnick,
CAL Gregory Bayane,
CAL Wyatt Houghton,

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DAV Alec Haley,
DAV Brett Bacharach,
DAV Kyle Miller,
DAV Toki Sherbakov,

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FS Reid DeLaubenfels,

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NEV Andrew Poustie,
NEV Fernando Sunago,
NEV Moez Chargui,

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PAC Alex Hamilton,
PAC Ben Mirkin,
PAC Denis Stolyarov,

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SAC Niranjan Ram,
SAC Oliver Anderson,
SC Eugene Muchynski,
SC Tom Pham,
SM Jesse Kiuru,
SM Joakim Norstrom,
SM Seif Elsherbini,
SM Tuomas Manner,
ST Denis Lin,
ST Jamin Ball,
ST Walker Kehrer,

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USF Germaine Bahri,
USF Richard Bucalem,
USF Will Schumacher,

32 Total Players

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