Kroc Center Jr. Open
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Alexander, Hannah - Spartanburg, SC
Allen, Sarah - Greenville, SC
Armstrong, Maclean - Greenville, SC
Auger, Ryan - Greenville, SC

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Baer, Liam - Hendersonville, NC
Bailey, Will - Pauline, SC
Bertling, Caroline - Greer, SC
Bowen, Creighton - Greenwood, SC
Braga, Frank - Greenville, SC
Bragg, Abigail - Inman, SC
Bragg, Ansleigh - Inman, SC
Breci, Luke - Greenville, SC
Brice, Walker - Greer, SC
Britt, Jordan - Piedmont, SC
Britt, Noah - Piedmont, SC
Brom, Corey - Lake Wylie, SC
Brown, Spencer - Spartanburg, SC
Buckner, Grant - Burnsville, NC
Burnette, Krishnua - Greer, SC

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Campbell, Eleanor - Simpsonville, SC
Cannon, Westly - Greenville, SC
Carnes, Mark - Sumter, SC
Carroll, James - Greenville, SC
Carter, Mary Cage - Greenville, SC
Cathey, Brooklyn - Anderson, SC
Chandler, Blake - Travelers Rest, SC
Chandler, Brian - Travelers Rest, SC
Chesney, Jacob - Moore, SC
Clement, Kayla - Greer, SC
Collins, Andrew - Greenville, SC
Cooper, Abby - Columbia, SC
Cooper, Isabelle - Columbia, SC
Cousins, Caleb - Simpsonville, SC
Cousins, Nathan - Simpsonville, SC
Cubitt, Will - Spartanburg, SC

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Delaby, Emma - Simpsonville, SC
Dickson, Marykathryn - Chapin, SC
Dorsey, Brolin - Anderson, SC
Dorsey, Corbin - Anderson, SC
Dorsey, Mary - Anderson, SC
Dunn, Alex - Flat Rock, NC

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Eleftheriou, Alyssa - Seneca, SC
Eleftheriou, Nickolas - Seneca, SC
Elie, Elijah - Greenville, SC

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Farr, Thomas - Greenville, SC
Fuqua, Jacob - Sunset, SC

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Gallus, Julian - Greenville, SC
Govindarajan, Anuraag - Simpsonville, SC
Graham, William - Spartanburg, SC
Grant, Charles - Spartanburg, SC
Grant, Christopher - Greenville, SC
Gray, Amelia - Simpsonville, SC
Green, Austin - Moore, SC
Green, Daniel - Easley, SC

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Hall, Alice - Clover, SC
Hall, Harriet - Clover, SC
Hardy, Tyler - Anderson, SC
Healey, Brendan - Charleston, SC
Hill, Hannah - Zirconia, NC
Hodge, Brandon - Greenville, SC
Hogan, Clare - Simpsonville, SC
Holland, Robert - Spartanburg, SC
Houser, Jackson - Greenville, SC
Hyche, Mary - Greenville, SC

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Jackson, Skyler - Greenville, SC
Jennings, Thomas - Greenville, SC
Johns, Christopher - Simpsonville, SC
Johns, Samantha - Simpsonville, SC
Jones, Makenna - Greenville, SC
Joseph, William - Seneca, SC

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Killoren, Henry - Spartanburg, SC
Klein, Bailey - Anderson, SC
Kleinfeldt, Annabel - Clemson, SC
Kneeland, Matthew - Simpsonville, SC
Kusuma, Chandralekha - Fort Mill, SC

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Lee, Hunter - Clemson, SC
Lindahl, Ellinor - Greer, SC
Lindahl, Rebecka - Greer, SC
Loudermilk, Katie - Anderson, SC

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Man, Madalina - Lexington, SC
Marron, Elliott - Greenville, SC
Marthinson, Madeline - Greenville, SC
Mayher, Pate - Simpsonville, SC
McCarl, Chandler - Greenville, SC
McClelland, C - Rock Hill, SC
McClelland, Patton - Rock Hill, SC
McCullough, Charlie - Spartanburg, SC
McCullough, Zachary - Spartanburg, SC
Meng, Claire - Greer, SC
Minnich, Bradey - Greenville, SC

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Nuckolls, Day - Greenville, SC

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Onkotz, Parker - Simpsonville, SC

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Parrott, Taylor - Simpsonville, SC
Parsons, Abby - Greenville, SC
Parvey, William - Greenville, SC
Patel, Rushil - Duncan, SC
Paul, Jordan - Simpsonville, SC
Pitts, Matthew - Greer, SC
Pitts, Timmothy - Greer, SC
Pleasant, Megan - Columbia, SC
Poliakoff, Alexandra - Spartanburg, SC
Poliakoff, Matthew - Spartanburg, SC
Prendergast, Luke - Mount Pleasant, SC
Prendergast, Mary Ella - Mount Pleasant, SC
Pye, Jackson - Spartanburg, SC

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Qu, James - Greer, SC
Quattlebaum, Martha - Greenville, SC
Quattlebaum, Wesley - Greenville, SC

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Rajaraman, Shashaank - Greenville, SC
Ray, Ashe - Spartanburg, SC
Reed, David - Easley, SC
Reed, Harrison - Landrum, SC
Reynolds, Kurt - Simpsonville, SC
Riley, Christopher - Greenville, SC
Rupp, William - Spartanburg, SC

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Saliny, XianoWei - Greenville, SC
Sandusky, Kylie - Greer, SC
Schlarb, Austin - Simpsonville, SC
Schneider, Alexander - Daniel Island, SC
Self, Mack - Greenwood, SC
Shaw, Anna - Signal Mountain, TN
Simmons, Bradley - Greer, SC
Simmons, Robert - Greer, SC
Simpson, Dylan - Travelers Rest, SC
Skidmore, Keely - Greenville, SC
Smith, Benjamin - Clemson, SC
Smith, Daniel - Greenville, SC
Smith, Emmaline - Athens, GA
Snow, Spencer - Simpsonville, SC
Sponseller, Clark - Taylors, SC
Sponseller, Davis - Taylors, SC
Spratt, Rebecca - Charleston, SC
Spry, James - Greenville, SC
Stambaugh, Parker - Greenville, SC
Steryous, Alex - Taylors, SC
Steryous, Lilie - Taylors, SC
Stoll, Alexander - Anderson, SC
Strickland, Lauren - MT Pleasant, SC

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Taunton, Jacob - Duncan, SC
Tiffany, J. - Aiken, SC
Tiffany, Nathanael - Aiken, SC
Tucker, Rollins - Anderson, SC
Tutman, Emma - Simpsonville, SC

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Walls, Gracie - Greenville, SC
Warren, Russell - Greenville, SC
Weaver, James - Easley, SC
Wetzel, Andrew - Simpsonville, SC
White, Trevor - Greenville, SC
Wildrick, Campbell - Spartanburg, SC
Williams, Thomas - York, SC
Wilson, Simon - Anderson, SC
Wise, Cameron - Greenville, SC
Woodaman, Rebecca - Landrum, SC

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Young, Robbie - Greenville, SC
Young, Sophie - Greenville, SC

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Zhao, Karen - Greer, SC
Zimmermann, Ellie - Aiken, SC

157 Total Players

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