Camargo Jr. Open
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Ahmad, Mustafa - Loveland, OH
Albrinck, John - Mason, OH

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Barren, Bradley - West Chester, OH
Beckerich, Andrew - Milford, OH
Bennell, Brayden - Cincinnati, OH
Bercz, Adam - Cincinnati, OH
Bercz, Aron - Cincinnati, OH
Berky, Max - Milford, OH
Bostick, Neil - Cincinnati, OH
Boulos, Nadim - Mason, OH
Boulos, Seif - Mason, OH

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Casanas, Patrick - Cincinnati, OH
Cepeda, Diego - Mason, OH
Couch, Colin - Batavia, OH
Cowan, Graydon - Cincinnati, OH

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Davis, Alexandra - Mason, OH
Davis, Grant - Mason, OH
Dellon, Michael - Bellbrook, OH
Dorner, Collin - Springboro, OH
Downing, Megan - Washington Court Hou, OH

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Ellis, Mack - Cincinnati, OH
Emery, Benjamin - Fort Thomas, KY

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Fahrmeier, Elizabeth - Cincinnati, OH
Fowler, Drue - Cincinnati, OH

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Giambattista, Joshua - Dayton, OH

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Habib, Jacob - Blue Ash, OH
Hager, Emerson - Wapakoneta, OH
Hamilton, Elizabeth - Union, KY
Harrett, Laine - Ft Mitchell, KY
Harris, Christian - Loveland, OH
Harris, Johan - Loveland, OH
Hoelker, Alec - Blue Ash, OH
Hollingsworth, Eric - Richmond, IN
Howard, Dalonde - Kettering, OH
Hudak, Drake - Walton, KY
Hutchins, Nicholas - Cincinnati, OH

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Indrakanti, Deepak - Cincinnati, OH

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Kalaiarasan, Harsitha - Cincinnati, OH
Kalaiarasan, Varun Vinayak - Cincinnati, OH
Kaskocsak, Guy - Centerville, OH
Kelly, Joseph - Cincinnati, OH
Khosla, Sydney - Springboro, OH
Kim, Jamie - Mason, OH
Kirby, Bella - Cincinnati, OH
Kogan, Phillip - Cincinnati, OH

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Leffler, Brad - Mason, OH
Lindsey, Garrett - West Chester, OH
Loon, Jack - Cincinnati, OH

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MacKenzie, Charles - Mason, OH
MacNeil, Alexander - Maineville, OH
Major, Madeline - Cincinnati, OH
Mandybur, Ian - Cincinnati, OH
Marcus, Qiqi - Oxford, OH
McDonald, Ashley - Cincinnati, OH
McDowell, Anderson - Cold Spring, KY
Meir, Gabriel - Cincinnati, OH
Miller, Stephen - Columbus, OH
Montgomery, Joel - Powell, OH
Morehart, Colton - Miamisburg, OH
Morrison, Kevin - Cincinnati, OH
Murali, Aravind - Cincinnati, OH
Murray, Christopher - Cincinnati, OH
Murray, Con - Cincinnati, OH
Musser, Samuel - Cincinnati, OH

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Ng, William - Cincinnati, OH
Nguyen, Ashley - Ashland, KY
Nguyen, Chandler - Ashland, KY
Nosek, Tristan - Loveland, OH
Nugent, Abby - Springboro, OH

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Pham, Dominic - Liberty Township, OH
Price, Nina - Cincinnati, OH

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Rao, Amith - Mason, OH
Riddle, Collin - Springboro, OH

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Schulteis, Peter - Cincinnati, OH
Sekar, Nikhil - Cincinnati, OH
Shah, Jeet - Mason, OH
Silverberg, Grace - Liberty Twp, OH
Smith, Grant - Dayton, OH
Smith, Sam - Cincinnati, OH
Stavsky, Jacob - Cincinnati, OH
Sultan, William - Cincinnati, OH

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Tehrani, Neda - Cincinnati, OH

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Vadlamani, Anirudh - Mason, OH
Visoso, Luis - Cincinnati, OH
Viswanathan, Pranav - Mason, OH

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Warstler, Alexander - Cincinnati, OH
Wendel, Grant - Cincinnati, OH
Wittenbaum, Jacob - Cincinnati, OH
Wittenbaum, Sarah - Montgomery, OH
Wojtaszek, Matthew - Mason, OH
Wojtaszek, Ryan - Mason, OH
Wright, Lea - Wheelersburg, OH

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Yu, Kevin - Mason, OH

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Zhang, Nathan - Cincinnati, OH

94 Total Players

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