2012 Cal Nike Invitational ID 243578
   Entrants -  Sat RR Cons Sngls (ID 244377)   

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ASU Desirae Krawczyk,
ASU Hannah James,
ASU Joanna Smith,

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BYU Morgan Anderson,

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CAL Alice Duranteau,

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DAV Lauren Curry,
DAV MeganHeneghan,
DAV Nicole Koehly,

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FS Anne Susdorf,
FS Melissa McQueen,

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NEV MichelOkhremchuk,
NEV Rymma Maslova,
NEV Sheila Smiley,
NEV Sophie Stevens,

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PAC Iveta Masarova,

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SAC Katharina Knoebl,
SAC Olivia Boija,
SAC Saskia Angerer,
SJS Erica Medlin,
SJS Julianna Bacelar,
SJS Sabi Leon-Chao,
SM Audrey Leitz,
SM Danielle Flores,
SM Liz Searl,

24 Total Players

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