A.C. Nielsen TC Oct. Classic L6
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Ahn, Carolyn - Willowbrook, IL
Ahn, Jacqueline - Willowbrook, IL
Ayzenberg, Jonah - Northbrook, IL

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Baer, Sasha - Vernon Hills, IL
Balon, James - Winnetka, IL
Brown, Sophie - Glencoe, IL
Buenrostro, Janet - Melrose Park, IL

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Compall, Cameron - Winnetka, IL
Czerwonka, Claire - Kenosha, WI
Czerwonka, Olivia - Kenosha, WI

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Desmond, Robert - Winnetka, IL

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Emmanouilidis, Kyra - Inverness, IL

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Ferdman, Elizabeth - Buffalo Grove, IL

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Glaser, Alyssa - Lake Forest, IL
Golden, Sara - Winnetka, IL

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Iyer, Ria - Palatine, IL

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Jha, Nidhi - Hoffman Estates, IL
Jobs, Zack - Wilmette, IL

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Kolli, Alaina - Lake Villa, IL
Kondos, Gina - Vernon Hills, IL
Koretz, Hailey - Northbrook, IL

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Lao, Nicole - Chicago, IL
Lao, Steffi - Chicago, IL
Lee, Dana - Northbrook, IL
LeRoy, Ella - Evanston, IL
Lewis, Jennifer - Chicago, IL
Liu, Allison - Wilmette, IL
Liu, Eric - Wilmette, IL
Lommer, Caroline - Glenview, IL
Lubin, Tess - Wilmette, IL

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Meeky, Ashley - Matteson, IL
Murray, Alec - Hinsdale, IL

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Paik, Olivia - South Barrington, IL
Penados, Abigail - Chicago, IL
Peterson, Jessica - Hawthorn Woods, IL
Praquin, Stephan - Arlington Heights, IL
Ptak, David - Park Ridge, IL
Ptak, Jennifer - Park Ridge, IL
Puliyala, Niyanthi - Hoffman Estates, IL

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Shekman, Daniela - Northbrook, IL
Shlyakhta, Sophia - Vernon Hills, IL
Shubny, Natalie
Slomba, Alex - Lake Forest, IL
Spahr, Lucy - Winnetka, IL

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Terakita, Mifuyu - Buffalo Grove, IL
Theis, Brooke - Lake Forest, IL

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Weinberg, Annika - Glencoe, IL
Williams, Sarah - Chicago, IL

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Yelamanchili, Lahari - Burr Ridge, IL

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Zaslavsky, Ava - Glencoe, IL

50 Total Players

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