North Ridge Jr. Open
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Ackerson, Sara - Cary, NC
Anderson, Zachariah - Chapel Hill, NC
Andreini, Katie - Cary, NC

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Baskaran, Abichiran - Cary, NC
Beck, Bradley - Wake Forest, NC
Birla, Revant - Apex, NC
Bobba, Revanth - Cary, NC
Boggis, Alex - Raleigh, NC
Bond, David - Chapel Hill, NC
Bost, Sarah - Raleigh, NC
Brandow, Emily - Greensboro, NC
Brennan, Anthony - Hubert, NC
Brittain, Grace - Wake Forest, NC
Bryant, Patrick - Raleigh, NC
Burroughs, Joseph - Raleigh, NC
Buttar, Shaan - Raleigh, NC

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Chandrasekhar, Rohan - Raleigh, NC
Cirillo, Shea - Raleigh, NC
Cobb, Austin - Raleigh, NC
Coburn, Ben - Raleigh, NC
Cook, Sydney - Cary, NC

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Desilva, Priyan - Chapel Hill, NC

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Fitzgerald, Karly - Cary, NC
Fitzgerald, Kristen - Cary, NC
Fitzgerald, Kyle - Cary, NC
Freiburghouse, Brian - Chapel Hill, NC
French, John - Raleigh, NC
French, Lauren - Raleigh, NC
Fritsch, Max - Chapel Hill, NC

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Gil Lopez, Alejandra - Raleigh, NC
Glenn, Peter - Raleigh, NC
Glover, Lucy - Raleigh, NC
Griffith, Nathan - Raleigh, NC
Gruber, Brooke - Raleigh, NC

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Haile, Grace - Raleigh, NC
Haile, Kathryn - Raleigh, NC
Hobbs, Jefferson - Clayton, NC
Hobbs, Jillian - Clayton, NC
Hodgdon, Brett - Wake Forest, NC
Holding, Alice - Raleigh, NC
Holding, Beatrice - Raleigh, NC
Holshouser, Anna - Raleigh, NC
Hyde, Dillon - Raleigh, NC

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Javalkar, Eshaan - Cary, NC
Juneja, Arjun - Cary, NC

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Kofod, Annelise - Raleigh, NC

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Le, Pascal - Cary, NC
Ledlow, Blake - Cary, NC
Lopez, Sabrina - Raleigh, NC
Lopez, Stephanie - Raleigh, NC

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Maheshwari, Sonia - Morrisville, NC
Mallard, Hannah - Raleigh, NC
Mantyh, Jim - Durham, NC
McGraw, Huda - Fayetteville, NC
McGraw, Sophia - Fayetteville, NC
McNamara, Alexandra - Raleigh, NC
Mulqueen, Patrick - Cary, NC

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O'Connell, Aidan - Chapel Hill, NC
O'Connell, Matthew - Chapel Hill, NC

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Paff, Alexandra - Creedmoor, NC
Pandit, Sanjana - Burlington, NC
Parham, Rhett - Raleigh, NC
Peterson, John - Raleigh, NC
Power, Kate - Southern Shores, NC

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Rhodes, William - Raleigh, NC
Romano, Melissa - Apex, NC

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Saber, Ethan - Raleigh, NC
Sachdev, Rohan - Cary, NC
Schantz, Marianna - Raleigh, NC
Scope-Crafts, Evan - Chapel Hill, NC
Senior, Patrick - Wilmington, NC
Singh, Noor - Durham, NC
Smith, Madison - Raleigh, NC
Stempien, TylerMae - Raleigh, NC
Stevens, Hannah - Cary, NC

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Tapper, Zachary - Durham, NC
Taranto, Adrian - Raleigh, NC

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Vipparla, Aniketh - Cary, NC

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Waters, Becket - Raleigh, NC
Webb, Greear - Raleigh, NC
Weber, Logan - Raleigh, NC
Whitehouse, Eli - Greensboro, NC

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Zadell, Kyler - Cary, NC
Zhang, Bryan - Chapel Hill, NC
Zhang, Helen - Fayetteville, NC
Zilberter, David - Morrisville, NC
Zoglio, Dean - Fuquay Varina, NC

87 Total Players

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