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Beatty, MacGregor - Portland, OR
Beckley, Emily - Eugene, OR
Berberovic, Arian - Portland, OR
Biggi, Matt - Portland, OR
Bryant, Madisyn - Eugene, OR

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Chin, Seryna - Ridgefield, WA
Chu, Chloe - Bellevue, WA
Chung, Cassidy - Vancover, BC
Comarnitchi, Cristina - Vancouver, WA
Comarnitchi, Sergey - Vancouver, WA
Croteau, Anthony - Newberg, OR
Cultice, Elise - Ridgefield, WA
Cultice, Spencer - Ridgefield, WA

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Day, Katie - Lake Oswego, OR

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Edupuganti, Vineet - Portland, OR
Eichman, Samantha - Roseburg, OR

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Fraunfelder, Jake - Lake Oswego, OR

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Gianan, Hannah - Washougal, WA
Gorecki, Dominik - Vancouver, WA
Grimes, Erik - Longview, WA
Grisham, Faith - Vancouver, WA

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Hampton, Samantha - Vancouver, WA
Hausler, Logan - Bend, OR
Haynes, Julia - Vancouver, WA
Hazard, Reed - Portland, OR
Homedes, Bruno - Lake Oswego, OR
Homedes, Simon - Lake Oswego, OR
Huang, Jerry - Port Moody, BC
Hueffner, Alexandra - Portland, OR
Hueffner, Catherine - Portland, OR

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Ilic, Ivana - Ridgefield, WA
Iorga, Andreea - Portland, OR

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Jin, Serim - Portland, OR
Johanson, Rosie - Abbotsford, BC

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Kabacy, Andrew - Ridgefield, WA
Kallgren, Thomas - Portland, OR
Kanapeaux, Patrick - Lake Oswego, OR
Kaneva, Gabriela - Beaverton, OR
Kang, Brandon - Camas, WA
Kang, Spencer - Camas, WA
Kincaid, Cam - Portland, OR
King, Dylan - Portland, OR
Kopecka, Basia - McMinnville, OR
Kwon, Esther - Camas, WA
Kwon, Jin Kyoung - Corvallis, OR

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Lam, Nicholas - Portland, OR
Lancaster, Jade - Lake Tapps, WA
Law, Charlie - Portland, OR
Law, Mitchell - Portland, OR
Lemaitre, Luke - Portland, OR
Lemon, Sierra - Portland, OR
Leng, Aaron - Portland, OR
Leng, Anthea - Portland, OR
Leve, Isaac - Eugene, OR
Lewis, Jennifer - Camas, WA
Lin, Jared - Portland, OR
Ly, Michelle - Fairview, OR

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Majendie, Fiona - West Vancouver, BC
Malech, Sam - Portland, OR
Mauro, Noelle - Bainbridge Island, WA
McCollister, Kali - Portland, OR
McTague, Kieran - Portland, OR
Mitchell, Parker - Tacoma, WA
Moore, Emmett - Lake Oswego, OR
Murphy, Edward - Portland, OR
Murphy, Peter - Portland, OR

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O'Brien, Vika - Ashland, OR
Ogard, Ethan - Portland, OR
Oliveira, Chandler - Bend, OR

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Pantpratinidhi, Devika - Portland, OR
Perkins, Matthew - West Linn, OR

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Quinn, Patrick - Portland, OR

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Risenhoover, Russell - Tualatin, OR
Rosette, Darby - Portland, OR
RossNeergaard, Sabrina - Port Orchard, WA
Russin, Jakob - Eugene, OR

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Schwartz, Joseph - Portland, OR
Shattuck, Sarah - Portland, OR
Squire, Colton - Portland, OR
Subbiah, Sankavi - Beaverton, OR
Sundaram, Goutham - Portland, OR

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Vasat, Mark - Camas, WA
Vemuri, Avinash - Portland, OR
Vidovic, Jelena - Vancouver, WA
Vu, Amelia - Beaverton, OR
Vu, Andrew - Beaverton, OR

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Waldram, Bess - Portland, OR
Walker, Alex - North Vancouver, BC
Walker, Angie - North Vancouver, BC
Wallace, Alexander - Vancouver, WA
Wallace, Sydney - Vancouver, WA
Wheary, Lillian - Portland, OR
Wheeler, Scott - Salem, OR
Wu, Ethan - Portland, OR
Wu, Phoebe - Portland, OR

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Younger, Haley - Bend, OR

96 Total Players

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