2012 LTC Singles Club Championships
   The Competitor List   

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Beasley, Shirley
Bigelow, Brian - Sun Valley, NV
Boyd, John
Boyd, Lisa

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Crowell, John
Crowell, Marci

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Daberko, Doug
Day, Susan
Deitch, Laura

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Eftimoff, Lou

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Frausto, Kevin

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Gill, Steve
Graves, Dean
Graves, Linda - Reno, NV
Greene, Ken

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Homanfar, Ramin

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Javaherian, Koss

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Kisler, Kevin

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Morrison, Laura - Reno, NV
Morrison, Michael - Reno, NV

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Ott, Julie - Reno, NV

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Ramnath, Rohith
Romero, Enrique
Ruch, Lee
Ruch, Susan

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Schlagel, Dawn
Strawn, Kevin

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Wallace, Bruce
Watson, Laura
Wesely, Andrew
Williams, James
Woomer, Irina

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Zansler, Dennis

33 Total Players

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