Greensboro October Chmps.
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Alexandrova, Diana - Kernersville, NC
Anderson, Zachariah - Chapel Hill, NC
Anthony, Sofia - Raleigh, NC

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Bacon, Alex - Chapel Hill, NC
Bello, Andreas - Oak Ridge, NC
Bello, Elias - Oak Ridge, NC
Bouton, Christopher - Greensboro, NC
Brady, Jack - Kitty Hawk, NC
Brandow, Emily - Greensboro, NC
Brinkley, Jack - Statesville, NC
Broadstreet, Andrew - Summerfield, NC
Brvenik, John - Pine Knoll Shores, NC

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Caffrey, Christopher - Greensboro, NC
Camp, Jackson - Summerfield, NC
Church, Lucy - Raleigh, NC
Cimpean, Phillip - Lexington, NC
Connor, Brittany - Newton, NC
Conway, Shawen - Raleigh, NC
Cooke, Connor - Summerfield, NC
Creissen, Cecilia - Carrboro, NC

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Dauler, Brandon - Summerfield, NC
Deng, Michael - Greensboro, NC
Drobny, Ondrej - Chapel Hill, NC
Duran, Boris - Greensboro, NC

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Falk, Davis - Greensboro, NC
Freed, Katherine - Raleigh, NC
Fuller, Amber - Greensboro, NC

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Gaddy, Andrew - Chapel Hill, NC
Gaines, Hannah - Kernersville, NC
Gaines, Rebekkah - Kernersville, NC
Ganim, Leila - Greensboro, NC
Garg, Aakarsh - Greensboro, NC
Garine, Amit - Morrisville, NC
George, Eleanor - Chapel Hill, NC
George, Renee - Chapel Hill, NC
Godwin, Tate - Durham, NC
Gresham, Lawton - Greensboro, NC
Gresham, William - Greensboro, NC
Grosser, Joshua - Apex, NC

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Hall, Julianne - Carthage, NC
Halukurike, Rishi - Greensboro, NC
Hodges, Charles - Southern Pines, NC
Hodges, Emily - Southern Pines, NC
Holding, Beatrice - Raleigh, NC
Huang, Kevin - Chapel Hill, NC

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Joyner, Carmelle - Clayton, NC

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Kenney, Elizabeth - Mebane, NC
Knapp, Hugh - Greensboro, NC
Knight, Joshua - Greensboro, NC
Kolls, Mason - Greensboro, NC
Kreager, Ethan - Greensboro, NC

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Li, Vivian - Greensboro, NC
Lindenberg, Corey - Greensboro, NC
Lu, Benjamin - Chapel Hill, NC
Lundrigan, Nathaniel - Greensboro, NC

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Ma, Calvin - Cary, NC
Macropoulos, Stephen - Clemmons, NC
Mathivanan, Vennmukiil - Greensboro, NC
Matsuoka, Shiori - Greensboro, NC
McPherson, Joseph - Mebane, NC
Mercado, Nathan - Kernersville, NC
Michel, Steven - Jamestown, NC
Mirzoyan, David - Chapel Hill, NC
Murray, Evelyn - Winston Salem, NC
Murray, William - Winston Salem, NC

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Newell, Parker - Kernersville, NC
Nicklas, Laura - Winston Salem, NC

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Oldis, Jack - Greensboro, NC

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Pascua, Aaron - Greensboro, NC
Pascua, Astrid - Greensboro, NC
Patchett, Sydney - Eden, NC
Peacock, William - Trent Woods, NC
Peddireddy, Amogh Reddy - Greensboro, NC
Pinyan, Henry - Greensboro, NC
Pocrnja, Dominik - Browns Summit, NC

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Reid, Jedd - Greensboro, NC
Roberts, Maria - Winston Salem, NC
Roberts, Meredith - Winston Salem, NC

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Saye, Stephen - Pinehurst, NC
Saye, William - Pinehurst, NC
Schwartz, Benjamin - Greensboro, NC
Senerchia, David - Rougemont, NC
Smith, Margaret - Winston Salem, NC
Sriram, Adithya - Cary, NC
Stephens, Joseph - Winston Salem, NC
Stevens, Hannah - Cary, NC

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Thomas, Jon-Anthony - Greensboro, NC
Thompson, Aaron - Greensboro, NC
Thomson, Collin - Winston Salem, NC
Thomson, Luke - Winston Salem, NC
Thomson, Matthew - Winston Salem, NC
Tilley, Samantha - High Point, NC
Trentini, Michael - Greensboro, NC
Tyre, Nick - Greensboro, NC

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Wayand, Benjamin - Cary, NC
Whisnant, Dylan - Greensboro, NC
Whisnant, Eric - Greensboro, NC
Whitehouse, Eli - Greensboro, NC
Whitehouse, Oliver - Greensboro, NC
Wong, Isabella - Greensboro, NC
Wooster, Benjamin - Greensboro, NC

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Xiao, Cynthia - Cary, NC
Xiao, Ryan - Cary, NC
Xu, Eric - Colfax, NC

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Yu, Depei - Greensboro, NC

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Zadell, Kyler - Cary, NC
Zilberter, David - Morrisville, NC
Zuhr, Sebastian - Whitsett, NC

108 Total Players

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