L1B Sportime RI Oct. Challenger
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Abrams, Sabrina - New York, NY
Ash, Austin - Syosset, NY

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Berard, Julian - New York, NY
Bicks, Avery - New York, NY
Borenstein, Jenna - New York, NY

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Chao, Alex - New York, NY
Charap, Josh - New York, NY
Collins, Andrew - Nyc, NY

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Fallone, Alexander - New York, NY
Frelinghuysen, Electra - New York, NY

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Gittings, Robert - Larchmont, NY
Goldberg, Marion - New York, NY
Gottschalk, Benjamin - New York, NY
Grossman, Alex - Sands Point, NY
Guimaraes, Fernando - New York, NY

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Haas, Sarah - Larchmont, NY
Hearst, Sam - Mamaroneck, NY
Hirschfield, Sarah - New York, NY
Huynh, Christopher - Astoria, NY
Huynh, Kevin - Astoria, NY

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Irby-Estevez, Michaella - New York, NY

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Kaplan, Anna Maite - New York, NY
Kaplan, Zachary - New York, NY
Karabay, Hediye - Flushing, NY
Kiam, Lia - New York, NY

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Manoff, Charles - New York, NY
Marchelska, Lisa - Brooklyn, NY
Meghir, Clio - New Haven, CT
Metzger, Jack - New York, NY
Millman, Robert - New York, NY
Morris, Olivia - Floral Park, NY

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Nolan, Andreas - New York, NY

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Reinharz, David - Rockville Centre, NY
Reisch, Noah - Floral Park, NY
Rosenblum, Kara - New York, NY

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Savic, Vania - Woodside, NY
Schaaff, Christian - New York, NY
Schindler, Mickey - Brooklyn, NY
Schlossel, Sophia - New York, NY
Schmuck, Ferdinand - Bronxville, NY
Serras, Nicole - Whitestone, NY
Sklar, Michael - New York, NY

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Vonderheide, Marco - New York, NY

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Weiss, Rachel - Great Neck, NY

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Yu, Jennifer - Great Neck, NY

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Zion, Immanuel - New York, NY

46 Total Players

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