Temple Terrace Local Halloween Classic
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Aloian, Gray - Tampa, FL
Alonso, Isabel - Tampa, FL

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Babis, Sebastian - Tampa, FL
Bahula, Ryan - Saint Petersburg, FL
Batas, Bradley - Tampa, FL
Bellini, Daniela - Tierra Verde, FL
Brown, Alec - Crystal Beach, FL

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Cavo, George - Tampa, FL
Cavo, Will - Tampa, FL
Corcoran, Lauren - Tampa, FL
Cureton, Carolyn - St Petersburg, FL

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Durand, Lucas - Tampa, FL
Dusek, Dustin - Tampa, FL

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Emslie, John - Tampa, FL
Evans, Palmer - Tampa, FL
Everett, Erik - Oldsmar, FL
Ewing, Alaina - Lithia, FL
Ewing, Savannah - Lithia, FL

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Farmer, Brett - Longwood, FL

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Gibson, Julianna - Tampa, FL

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Hendricks, Frankee - Seminole, FL
Hurwitz, Mya - Tampa, FL
Hwang, Tommy - Wesley Chapel, FL

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Jackson, Cooper - Tampa, FL
Johnston, Joseph - Tampa, FL
Josepher, Alec - Tampa, FL

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King, Asher - Lutz, FL
Knapp, Emma - Tampa, FL
Korta, Jackson - Lutz, FL

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Leonov, Andrei - Tampa, FL
Leonov, Nikita - Tampa, FL
Lisa, Nicholas - Tampa, FL
Loutas, Dion - Wesley Chapel, FL

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Martin, Chase - Tampa, FL
Moynihan, Erin - Brooksville, FL

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Nikolov, Martin - Dunedin, FL

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Pfingsten, John - Lutz, FL

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Rahman, Hannah - Tarpon Springs, FL
Rajaram, Ganesh - Oldsmar, FL
Ramadan, Samy - Tampa, FL
Ramesh, Kanishkh - Wesley Chapel, FL
Rodriguez, Roberto - Tampa, FL
Rohan, Hareegesh - Tampa, FL
Romanos, Marien - Mexico, D.
Romanos, Matias - Mexico, D.
Russell, Tallia - Weeki Wachee, FL
Ryan, Caitlin - Lakeland, FL

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Sathish, Anirudh - Tampa, FL
Sathish, Sneha - Tampa, FL
Sherman, Sam - Palm Harbor, FL
Smith, Gregory - Temple Terrace, FL
Solano, Sebastian - Tampa, FL
Studdiford, Tess - Lithia, FL

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Taylor, Jannelle - Lady Lake, FL
Tiwary, Shambhawi - Tampa, FL

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Wang, Roger - St Petersburg, FL
Wang, Sophia - St Petersburg, FL
Wanger, Laurel - Belleair, FL
Whitmill, Trevor - Lutz, FL

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Xing, Albert - Tampa, FL

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Yale, Natalie - Tampa, FL
Yale, Nicholas - Tampa, FL

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Zhang, Henry - Tampa, FL

63 Total Players

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