Halloween Spooktacular Local Challenge
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Alvarez, Stephanie - Marco Island, FL
Anderson, QiQi - Naples, FL

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Baker, Blu - Portsmouth, HA
Batatt, Danny - Naples, FL
Beckmann, Tom - Naples, FL
Bernard, Alexander - Naples, FL
Bernard, Jb - Naples, FL
Blabey, Weston - Naples, FL
Bonco, Lindsey - Naples, FL
Brauer, Manfred - Naples, FL
Braverman, Joshua - Naples, FL
Braverman, Justin - Naples, FL
Briers, MaryBeth - Fort Myers, FL

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Canahuate, Ana - Naples, FL
Carlin, John - Fort Myers, FL
Carlin, Tyler - Fort Myers, FL
Cook, Caroline - Naples, FL
Cook, Lauren - Naples, FL
Covelli, Amanda - Naples, FL
Cseplo, Hannah - Painesville, OH

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d'Alessandro, Alegra - Marco Island, FL
Denman, Aiden - Naples, FL
Diggs, Josh - Cape Coral, FL
Dounchis, Nicholas - Naples, FL
Dounchis, Sebastian - Naples, FL
Dukas, Alanna - Fort Myers, FL
Dunham, Simon - Fort Myers, FL

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Fitzgerald, Alex - Naples, FL
Flanagan, Tia - Naples, FL
Franklin, Victoria - Naples, FL

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Garcia, Nicholas - Hollywood, FL
Garramone, Max - Fort Myers, FL
Garramone, Oliver - Ft myers, FL
Gay, Dominique - Naples, FL
Ghviniashvili, Tatia - Naples, FL
Gillis, Ja'cara - Fort Myers, FL
Graziani, Gabrielle - Naples, FL
Greenlaw, Reynold - Cape Coral, FL
Greenlaw, Robert - Cape Coral, FL
Guillen, Jose - Naples, FL

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Hamilton, Adam - Fort Myers, FL
Hardie, Kamilya - Naples, FL
Hardie, Sean - Naples, FL
Harrington, Thomas - Marco Island, FL
Hodge, Miguel - Fort Myers, FL

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Idlette, Shani - Fort Myers, FL

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Jagodzinski, Nicholas - Naples, FL
JansevanRensburg, Nico - Naples, FL
Javedan, Emily - Fort Myers, FL

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Kava, Meredith - Weston, FL
Kennedy, Stevie - Bonita Springs, FL
Kyrychenko, Viktor - Naples, FL

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Laas, Viva - Bonita Springs, FL
Lachenmayr, Adam - Naples, FL
Laporta, Frank - Naples, FL
Lombardo, Marina - Fort Myers, FL

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Manibo, Joseph - Fort Myers, FL
Martin, Daniel - Westlake Village, CA
Matson, Nathan - Naples, FL
Mayher, Robby - Naples, FL
McHugh, Paloma - Naples, FL
Miller, Edward - Naples, FL
Moll, Michael - Naples, FL
Mosley, Emily - Fort Myers, FL

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Nunez, Andre - Pompano Beach, FL

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Parra, Juliana - Naples, FL
Parra Silva, Ivan - Naples, FL
Pflieger, Andrew - Fort Myers, FL
Plancher, Reina-Elie - Fort Myers, FL
Polnet, Megan - Churchville, PA
Prodanov, Elise - Marco Island, FL

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Rodriguez, Raul - Marco Island, FL
Rosenquist, Bjorn - Naples, FL
Ruci, Amanda - Naples, FL

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Sabonis, Arnas - Naples, FL
Scalzo, Richard - Fort Myers, FL
Schiller, Zach - Naples, FL
Schubert, Thomas - Hartland, WI
Segura, Juan - Naples, FL
Seneski, Andrew - Naples, FL
Smith, Olivia - Naples, FL
Stahl, Alexander - Estero, FL

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Talano, Ryan - Naples, FL
Thompson, Paris - Fort Myers, FL
Tolep, Eric - Fort Myers, FL
Twente, Tyler - Naples, FL

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Vila, Franco - Fort Myers, FL
Vilys, Deividas - Naples, FL

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Weaver, Rachel - Fort Myers, FL
Wortkotter, Brandon - Fort Myers, FL
Wyman, Emily - Naples, FL

91 Total Players

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