Perrysburg TC Jr. Fall Open
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Abdul-Aziz, Nora - Perrysburg, OH
Abdul-Aziz, Omar - Perrysburg, OH
Almomar, Abby - Temperance, MI
Arquette, Madison - Oregon, OH

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Bemisderfer, Madelyn - Fort Wayne, IN
Bramlage, Evan - Perrysburg, OH
Bramlage, McKenna - Perrysburg, OH
Bramlage, Mitchell - Perrysburg, OH
Brown, Ryan - Perrysburg, OH
Byrne, Aidan - Geneva, IL

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Cassity, Tom - Perrysburg, OH
Chang, Olivia - Ann Arbor, MI
Ciucci, Abigail - Sylvania, OH
Ciucci, Dominic - Sylvania, OH
Courtright, Caroline - Ann Arbor, MI

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Delp, Maverick - Holland, OH
Dunleavy, Kathryn - Farmington Hills, MI

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Emrich, Lauren - Fremont, OH
Englehart, Nathan - Perrysburg, OH
Ezzone, Austin - Bowling Green, OH

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Farrar, Antonina - Perrysburg, OH
Fastnacht, Erica - Perrysburg, OH
Fastnacht, Sarah - Perrysburg, OH
Filatoff, Dennis - Sylvania, OH
Fultz, Rebecca - Bowling Green, OH

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Giedeman, Samuel - Findlay, OH
Grubb, Krystal - Elkhart, IN

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Hansen, Chaz - Vermilion, OH
Hayes, Matthew - Perrysburg, OH
Henthorn, Kyleigh - Toledo, OH
Herring, Robert - Perrysburg, OH
Huss, Chad - Toledo, OH

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Ilitch, Christian - Detroit, MI

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Joerg, Robert - Fremont, OH

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Katragadda, Akhil - Sylvania, OH
King, Sydney - Grosse Ile, MI
Kreuzer, Shelby - Grand Rapids, MI
Kreuzer, Victoria - Grand Rapids, MI
Krieger, Derek - Rossford, OH
Krupp, Kylie - Ottawa Hills, OH

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Leroux, Gregory - Maumee, OH
Love, Harrison - Norwalk, OH

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MacKinnon, Alexander - Farmington Hills, MI
Majdalani, Trevor - Perrysburg, OH
Marinescu, John - Bloomfield, MI
Marinescu, Nick - Bloomfield, MI
Marinescu, Stefan - Bloomfield, MI
Mattimoe, Katherine - Toledo, OH
McGee, Matthew - Oregon, OH
Mohamedali, Austin - Kendallville, IN
Moyer, Daniel - Kalamazoo, MI
Moyer, Natalie - Kalamazoo, MI

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Norton, Caroline - Ann Arbor, MI

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O'Connell, Abigail - Perrysburg, OH

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Pendleton, Aerielle - Orchard Lake, MI
Perry, Meg - Lambertville, MI
Prunty, Isaac - Fremont, OH

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Reed, Patrick - Monroe, MI
Reed, Robert - Monroe, MI
Reed, Stephen - Monroe, MI
Rothweiler, Julia - Bowling Green, OH
Rownd, Lauren - Geneva, IL

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Sams, Moira - Perrysburg, OH
Sayre, Karinna - Rossford, OH
Shinew, Luther - Bowling Green, OH
Shipley, Tyler - Wauseon, OH
Skotynsky, Michael - Perrysburg, OH
Smith, Bradley - Perrysburg, OH
Smith, Gemma - Perrysburg, OH
Smith, Sabrina - Bowling Green, OH
Spidel, Jordan - Perrysburg, OH
Spiess, Joshua - New Albany, OH
Spiess, Madison - New Albany, OH
Spinazze, Sophia - Holland, OH
Stapleton, Julia - Perrysburg, OH
StJean, Richard - Perrysburg, OH
Szmania, Kailyn - Monclova, OH
Szmania, Taylor - Monclova, OH

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Tamlyn, Noah - Perrysburg, OH
Taylor, Benjamin - Sylvania, OH
Teffner, Zachary - Cortland, OH

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Udell, Michael - Toledo, OH

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Weider, Ben - Perrysburg, OH
Weider, Troy - Perrysburg, OH
Williams, Aidan - Perrysburg, OH
Williams, Jeffrey - Cleveland Heights, OH
Wolber, Katie - Ann Arbor, MI
Wong, Davis - West Bloomfield, MI
Wurzelbacher, Cody - Holland, OH

89 Total Players

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