USTA Midwest L1 Fall Closed Chmps.
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Alcala, Cassie - Pickerington, OH

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Barr, Chloe - Chagrin Falls, OH
Braun, Jessica - Canton, MI
Brown, Addison - Evansville, IN
Brown, Jaedan - Granger, IN
Brown, Jessica - Midland, MI
Brown, Sophie - Glencoe, IL

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Capone, Michelle - Cincinnati, OH
Cianciola, Sydney - Canfield, OH
Coakes, Cameron - West Lafayette, IN
Cohen, Carly - Shaker Heights, OH
Colak, Sema - Okemos, MI
Coleman, Ellie - Midland, MI
Compall, Cameron - Winnetka, IL

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Discini, Marie - Marietta, OH
Drame, Amy - River Hills, WI
Dudipala, Neha - Dublin, OH

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Eades, Elizabeth - Jeffersonville, IN

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Fisher, Caitlin - Cincinnati, OH

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Gandham, Miriam - Ann Arbor, MI
Gillinov, Nicole - Moreland Hills, OH
Guffey, Alysa - Indianapolis, IN

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Hatfield, Anastasia - Rockford, IL
Hewitt, Dalayna - Solon, OH

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Jamroz, Maya - Oak Park, IL
Jones, Kathleen - Lewis Center, OH

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Ke, Ashley - Saint Joseph, MI
King, Whitney - Grosse Ile, MI
Kompa, Paige - Columbus, OH
Kotarski, Caroline - Hinsdale, IL
Kumar, Shanoli - Novi, MI

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Lewis, Jennifer - Chicago, IL
Longo, Lauren - Novelty, OH
Loureiro, Anna - Orland Park, IL
Lynch, Madeleine - Chagrin Falls, OH

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Mcnally, Caty - Cincinnati, OH
Miller, Karina - Ann Arbor, MI
Mukherjee, Tia - Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Peeler, Emma - Westlake, OH
Peercy, Lydia - Sagamore Hills, OH

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Ratner, Alexis - Solon, OH
Resor, Reagan - Dublin, OH
Ricciardi, Marisa - Youngstown, OH
Richardson, Tyra - Chicago, IL
Roc, Nicole - Chicago, IL
Roggenburk, Anna - Avon Lake, OH
Ross, Anna - Winnetka, IL

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Sabotic, Alisa - Okemos, MI
Sesi, Katie - Ann Arbor, MI
Shulman, Stephanie - Gates Mills, OH
Stearns, Peyton - Mason, OH
Steer, Alexis - Pataskala, OH

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Theis, Brooke - Lake Forest, IL
Townsend, Camille - Flushing, MI
Townsend, Katya - Flushing, MI
Trinkle, Halli - Charlestown, IN

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Verizova, Elizabet - Lake Zurich, IL
Vesikallio, Alexandra - Bay Village, OH

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Weil, Zoey - Columbus, OH

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Xie, Sarina - Columbus, OH

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Yalamanchili, Soniya - Centerville, OH
Yarlagadda, Anika - West Bloomfield, MI
Yelamanchili, Lahari - Burr Ridge, IL

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Zhou, Stephanie - Solon, OH

64 Total Players

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