Wildcat Thanksgiving Classic L6
   The Competitor List   

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Amin, Mira - Oak Brook, IL
Anderson, Vincent - Chicago, IL

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Beedle, Daniel - Lake Forest, IL
Beedle, David - Lake Forest, IL
Blim, Miles - Oak Park, IL
Boston, Alexandria - Chicago, IL
Braaten, Ransom - Chicago, IL
Brown, Della - Chicago, IL
Burich, Danielle - Hinsdale, IL

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Carpenter, Eleanor - Chicago, IL
Carpenter, Milo - Chicago, IL
Carreon, Don - Niles, IL
Carreon, Marc - Des Plaines, IL
Carter, Elijah - Oak Park, IL
Charlton-Perrin, Nick - Northbrook, IL
Chatas, Caroline - Northbrook, IL
Coburn, William - Chicago, IL
Czosnyka, Kamila - Park Ridge, IL

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Daw, Joseph - Oak Brook, IL
Deveny, Colin - Glencoe, IL

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Ellis, Aubrey - Winnetka, IL
Ellis, Lucy - Winnetka, IL

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Freedman, Cole - Wilmette, IL

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Garber, Chase - Highland Park, IL
Goralka, Laura - Chicago, IL
Gordon, Conrad - Evanston, IL
Greeno, Devin - Naperville, IL
Gridley, Ryan - Wilmette, IL
Guy, Lucas - Portage, MI

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Hefner, Trace - Highland Park, IL
Hurst, Jackson - Wilmette, IL

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Karamchandani, Rishi - Oak Brook, IL
Kim, Jeesae - Chicago, IL
Kim, Zachary - Lincolnshire, IL
Koretz, Hailey - Northbrook, IL

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Lee, Christopher - Winnetka, IL
Lee, Matthew - Winnetka, IL
Liu, Allison - Wilmette, IL
Livaditis, Jack - Winnetka, IL
Lofdahl, Katie - Glencoe, IL
Luby, Olivia - Evanston, IL
Lucas, Samuel - Chicago, IL
Luque, Santiago - Lake Forest, IL

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Mayer, Ricky - Wilmette, IL
Mayer, Wyatt - Wilmette, IL
McGuigan, Patrick - Burr Ridge, IL
McNeill, Isabel - River Forest, IL

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Nehme, Rayan - Mattawan, MI

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Okuda, Ayako - Elk Grove Village, IL
Oreshkin, Katherine - Palatine, IL

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Palavra, Sabrina - Skokie, IL
Pass, Will - Winnetka, IL
Polender, Connor - Lake Bluff, IL
Powell, Khalia - Chicago, IL

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Rahaley, Baker - Glenview, IL
Reinhart, Abbey - Wilmette, IL
Rosenberg, Jessica - Highland Park, IL

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Sosler, Jacob - Highland Park, IL
Sosler, Matt - Highland Park, IL
Stankaitis, Grant - Clarendon Hills, IL

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Tolentino, Miguel - Hainesville, IL
Triantafel, Demetrios - Indian Head Park, IL

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Wacnik, Kevin - Orland Park, IL
Waldmann, Justice - Kalamazoo, MI
Wang, Emma - Chicago, IL
Weiss, Dan - Lincolnwood, IL
Wolff, David - Evanston, IL

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Zordani, Michael - Lake Forest, IL
Zordani, William - Lake Forest, IL

69 Total Players

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