NEA Fall Jr. State Chmps.
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Abrams, Sophie - Germantown, TN
Apolskis, Alexander - Rogers, AR
Apple, Edward - Memphis, TN
Arnold, Mills - Jonesboro, AR

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Baker, Emma - Bentonville, AR
Bartels, Will - Jonesboro, AR
Barthel, Drew - Mont, AL
Bierbaum, Robert - Little Rock, AR
Brandon, Trent - Little Rock, AR
Branum, Katherine - Jonesboro, AR
Brown, Hudson - Marion, AR

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Cato, Tristan - Jonesboro, AR
Clark, Connor - Jonesboro, AR
Clayton, Kyle - Jonesboro, AR
Cox, Cory - Fayetteville, AR
Cruz, David - Rogers, AR

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Davis, Abigail - Jonesboro, AR
Davis, Isabella - Jonesboro, AR
Davis, Jackson - Jonesboro, AR
Dunavant, Grace - Germantown, TN

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Edwards, Kayley - Fort Smith, AR
Edwards, Sam - Jonesboro, AR

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Flynn, Teah - Farmington, AR

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Gentry, Alex - Springdale, AR
Gifford, Gwyneth - Bentonville, AR
Gillespie, Rachel - Jonesboro, AR
Gommel, Cooper - Rogers, AR
Gray, Ashley - Little Rock, AR
Greer, Christian - Little Rock, AR
Greer, Grayson - Little Rock, AR
Greer, Kendall - Little Rock, AR
Greer, Piper - Little Rock, AR
Gudiseva, Eesha - Germantown, TN
Gudiseva, Sairam - Germantown, TN

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Hagan, Tommy - Paducah, KY
Hamilton, Kaylee - Rogers, AR
Hargrove, Ryan - Rogers, AR
Headlee, Meredith - Little Rock, AR
Hernandez, Seth - Springdale, AR
Hertter, Zackary - Paducah, KY
Houston, Benjamin - Fayetteville, AR
Houston, Mary - Fayetteville, AR
Hughes, Caroline - Jonesboro, AR
Hughes, Matt - Jonesboro, AR

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Jackson, Lilly - Little Rock, AR
Janes, Harrison - Little Rock, AR
Janes, Mary-Jewel - Little Rock, AR
Jett, James - Jonesboro, AR

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Kincannon, Elizabeth - Jonesboro, AR

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Lee, Anna Catron - Memphis, TN
Lies, John - Collierville, TN
Long, Caroline - Rogers, AR
Lupinek, Brandon - North Little Rock, AR

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MacKey, Connor - Jonesboro, AR
Manning, Margaret - Choudrant, LA
Mars, Thomas - Rogers, AR
Maurras, John - Jonesboro, AR
McAlexander, Morgan - Jonesboro, AR
McClellan, Jaden - Mountain Home, AR
McKee, Davis - Jonesboro, AR
McKee, Maddie - Jonesboro, AR
Melton, Olivia - Jonesboro, AR
Morehouse, Adrianna - Jonesboro, AR
Morgan, Luke - Jonesboro, AR
Mullen, Nate - Jonesboro, AR
Mullins, Peyton - Jonesboro, AR

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Nettle, Catherine - Bentonville, AR
Ney, Marshall - Rogers, AR
Nichols, Drew - Jonesboro, AR
Nolan, Henry - Little Rock, AR
Nolan, Jack - Little Rock, AR
Noonan, Tyler - Little Rock, AR
Norris, Conley - Little Rock, AR
Norris, Greer - Little Rock, AR

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O'Donley, Preston - Paducah, KY
Orr, Maggie - Jonesboro, AR
Owen, Catherine - Tunica, MS
Owen, Davis - Tunica, MS
Owen, Mac - Tunica, MS

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Parker, Clara - Jonesboro, AR
Payne, Jenna - Jonesboro, AR
Phillips, Matthew - Jonesboro, AR
Polk, Jack Thomas - Little Rock, AR
Prude, Luke - Paducah, KY
Prude, Titus - Paducah, KY

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Ramesh, Arvind - Cordova, TN
Ramey, Sarah - Little Rock, AR
Richardson, Elizabeth - Jonesboro, AR
Richardson, Eric - Jonesboro, AR
Richardson, Ethan - Jonesboro, AR
Roberts, Madison - Little Rock, AR
Roberts, MaryKathryn - Little Rock, AR
Rogers, Cydney - Jonesboro, AR
Rogers, Foster - Little Rock, AR
Rogers, Jake - Little Rock, AR
Roper, Hunter - Jonesboro, AR
Rouse, Eli - Jonesboro, AR
Rouse, Ryan - Jonesboro, AR

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Schneiter, Christian - Memphis, TN
Schneiter, Sloan - Memphis, TN
Seale, Claire - Little Rock, AR
Shaw, Taylor - Little Rock, AR
Shelton, Madison - Jonesboro, AR
Shiben, Sophia - Paducah, KY
Shiben, Vincent - Paducah, KY
Shinabery, Ashlee - Jonesboro, AR
Simpson, Jef - Little Rock, AR
Snider, Samuel - Jonesboro, AR
Spainhouer, Cole - Jonesboro, AR
Stearns, Parker - Little Rock, AR
Stearns, Walker - Germantown, TN
Swope, Carter - Rogers, AR
Swope, Hayden - Rogers, AR

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Tabor, Madeline - Little Rock, AR
Tabor, Scott - Little Rock, AR
Tidwell, Hutch - Texarkana, TX
Touliatos, Cameron - Memphis, TN
Touliatos, Weston - Memphis, TN

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Wagner, Dawson - Jonesboro, AR
Wahlquist, Preston - Little Rock, AR
West, Emily - Paducah, KY
Williams, John - Jonesboro, AR
Wingfield, Patrick - Little Rock, AR
Wiseman, Blake - Memphis, TN
Woodall, Griffin - Little Rock, AR
Worsham, Shelby - Little Rock, AR

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Zheng, Michael - Rogers, AR

127 Total Players

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