Lake Bluff Fall Open L6
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Alsikafi, Yusef - Lake Bluff, IL
Andrushko, Tallulah - Norridge, IL
Asmussen, Emily - Lake Forest, IL
Avis, Cody - Lake Bluff, IL

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Beattie, Colin - Libertyville, IL
Becker, Noah - Lincolnshire, IL
Belova, Nika - Lake Forest, IL
Blaser, Danielle - Libertyville, IL
Brown, Jacqueline - Chicago, IL

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Cao, Bert - Libertyville, IL
Carlson, Brynn - Lake Bluff, IL
Chatas, Grace - Northbrook, IL
Connor, Margot - Chicago, IL

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Davidson, Ali - Lake Forest, IL

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Emmanouilidis, Kyra - Inverness, IL

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Glaser, Alyssa - Lake Forest, IL
Goldberg, Caitlin - Highland Park, IL
Grube, Joseph - Lake Forest, IL
Guzauskas, Gabrielius - Downers Grove, IL

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Hadesman, Graham - Libertyville, IL
Heuser, Megan - Lindenhurst, IL

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Iyer, Verayuth - Schaumburg, IL

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Jarvis, Matthew - Highland Park, IL
Johnson, Shelby - Geneva, IL

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Kanner, Noah - Highland Park, IL
Kondos, Gina - Vernon Hills, IL
Konjevic, Marko - Arlington Heights, IL

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Larson, Kaitlyn - Rockford, IL
Learner, Jeremy - Highland Park, IL
Lefar, Carly - Buffalo Grove, IL
Lopez, Shannele - Glendale Heights, IL
Lopez, Sienna - Glendale Heights, IL

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Maltby, Alexandra - Glen Ellyn, IL
Matta, Diya - Elk Grove Village, IL
Miller, Nicole - Vernon Hills, IL

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Orr, Anders - Lake Forest, IL
Ortell, William - Lake Forest, IL

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Rabjohns, Kiley - Lake Forest, IL

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Schilling, Anna - Lake Forest, IL
Schilling, Mason - Lake Forest, IL
Sebolt, Benjamin - Lake Bluff, IL
Slomba, Alex - Lake Forest, IL

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Vyshyvanyuk, Oleksyi - Chicago, IL

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Yu, Bradley - South Barrington, IL

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Zoubareva, Alexandra - Lake Bluff, IL

45 Total Players

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