Baseline TC Gopher L7
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Altizer, Austin - Plymouth, MN

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Backman, Jacob - Eagan, MN
Beckers, Erik - Bloomington, MN
Benson, Joel - Eden Prairie, MN
Boderman, Joshua - Golden Valley, MN

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Campbell, Brennan - Plymouth, MN
Cherveny, Cooper - Blaine, MN
Chhugani, Sahil - Rochester, MN
Christian, Michael - Plymouth, MN
Coopersmith, Andrew - Plymouth, MN

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Davidson, Ben - Savage, MN

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Endres, Jacob - Maple Grove, MN

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Farber, Noah - Saint Paul, MN
Farber, Sam - Saint Paul, MN
Foote, Isaac - Plymouth, MN
Fredrick, Ryan - Brooklyn Park, MN

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Grossman, Daniel - Eden Prairie, MN
Grosz, Jacob - Hudson, WI
Grosz, Tyler - Hudson, WI

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Inturi, Tharun - Shakopee, MN

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Knewtson, North - Fargo, ND

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Less, Brandon - West St Paul, MN
Less, Ethan - West St. Paul, MN
Lipovetz, Rudy - Golden Valley, MN
Lu, Brandon - Medina, MN

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Madden, Harrison - Minneapolis, MN
Magnani, Carver - Eden Prairie, MN
Malecha, Kevin - Saint Paul, MN
McKinney, Joe - Brooklyn Park, MN
Miller, Scott - Plymouth, MN

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Nudler, Jonathan - Plymouth, MN

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O'Neil, Michael - Edina, MN
Olson, Clayton - Lakeville, MN

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Patel, Pujan - Rochester, MN
Patel, Rohan - Rochester, MN
Pudwill, Brady - Shakopee, MN

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Rahmatullah, Asad - Minneapolis, MN
Renwick, Gavin - Lakeville, MN

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Selvig, Samuel - Apple Valley, MN
Shane, Noah - Edina, MN
Shanmugam, Kevvindeep - Edina, MN
Shubert, Joseph - Woodbury, MN
Sunkam, Sairam - Apple Valley, MN
Swenson, Bjorn - North Oaks, MN

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Thiner, Nathan - Fargo, ND
Thirunavu, Vineeth - Plymouth, MN
Tong, Dang-Quang - Maple Grove, MN

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Ulness, Willi - Bismarck, ND

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Van de Loo, Luke - Eau Claire, WI

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Weigel, Carl - Edina, MN
Whelan, Nick - Eden Prairie, MN
Wiens, Nicholas - Wayzata, MN

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Yan, Kurtis - Eden Prairie, MN

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Zhang, Austin - Maple Grove, MN
Zhang, Brian - Wayzata, MN

55 Total Players

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