Greensburg Thanksgiving Classic DR L7
   The Competitor List   

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Abraham, Matthew - Greensburg, PA
Ascencio, Ellian - Venetia, PA

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Babcock, Jessica - York, PA
Badding, Catherine - State College, PA
Bang, JungEek - Allison Park, PA
Banks, Weston - Allison Park, PA
Bell, Jenna - Latrobe, PA

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Cavalier, Kourtney - Ebensburg, PA
Cenkner, Noah - Acme, PA
Chen, Derek - Cranberry Twp, PA
Cisek, Brad - Allison Park, PA

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Davidson, Chase - Wexford, PA
DeBone, Madison - Greensburg, PA

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Escribens, Fernando - Upper St Clair, PA

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Farber, Natoli - Monroeville, PA
Fennell, Lucas - Pittsburgh, PA
Fennell, Thomas - Pittsburgh, PA
Finley, Sarah - Washington, PA
France, Carson - Pittsburgh, PA

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Gray, Maura - Pittsburgh, PA
Grzyb, Chloe - Mc Murray, PA
Grzyb, Joseph - Mc Murray, PA

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Hart, Isabelle - Pittsburgh, PA
Hart, Madeline - Pittsburgh, PA
Hartman, Cole - Pittsburgh, PA
Hofmann, Richard - Pittsburgh, PA

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Iezzi, Annie - Jeannette, PA
Immonen, Sebastian - Wexford, PA
Izzo, Katherine - Pittsburgh, PA

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Jain, Naveen - Greensburg, PA
Jethmalani, Armaan - Murrysville, PA

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Kissell, Chad - Hostetter, PA
Kluska, Alyvia - Greensburg, PA
Kluska, Michaela - Greensburg, PA
Kwok, Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA

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Lee, Brian - Harrison City, PA
Lee, Kevin - Harrison City, PA
Lehman, Joshua - Pittsburgh, PA
Linsuain, Kemen - Pittsburgh, PA
Linsuain, Kiran - Pittsburgh, PA

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Mallampalli, Peter - Sewickley, PA
Marks, Katherine - Pittsburgh, PA
McCormick, Daniel - Sewickley, PA
Mechlenburg, Kevin - Murrysville, PA
Meyer, Christian - Pittsburgh, PA
Meyer, Joshua - Pittsburgh, PA
Montgomery, Zachary - West Homestead, PA
Mourad, Kanzy - Wexford, PA
Mourad, Tia - Wexford, PA
Muza, Ethan - Venetia, PA
Muza, Mason - Venetia, PA

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Neurohr, Annie - Greensburg, PA
Norman, Jacob - Cheswick, PA

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O'Donnell, Brett - Wexford, PA
Oskin, Jonathan - Fairview, PA

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Parish, Joshua - Columbus, OH
Pfefferle-Gillot, Michael - Allison Park, PA

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Qian, Alice - Wexford, PA
Quackenbush, Clay - Allison Park, PA

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Reese, Nicholas - Pittsburgh, PA
Reuter, Alex - Allison Park, PA
Reuter, Felicia - Allison Park, PA
Rutigliano, Victoria - Greensburg, PA

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Sackett, Maura - Greensburg, PA
Schmitt, Elizabeth - Pittsburgh, PA
Seamans, Daniel - Greensburg, PA
Simms, Kumar - Pittsburgh, PA
Steeley, Emily - Greensburg, PA

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Vera, Andrew - Richboro, PA
Vietmeier, Christian - Pittsburgh, PA

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Warner, Olivia - Eighty Four, PA
Wojcikiewicz, Erica - Valencia, PA

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Yauch, Bethany - Pittsburgh, PA

73 Total Players

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