STL Seg. I Endorser BG18-12
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Abert, Mallory - Edwardsville, IL
Alarcon, Camila - Saint Peters, MO
Arif, Samad - Chesterfield, MO
Auclair, Janet - Kirkwood, MO

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Baisch, Robert - Wildwood, MO
Bartholomew, Joey - Belleville, IL
Bell, Derek - Saint Louis, MO
Bhaskar, Nidhi - Chesterfield, MO
Biesterfeld, Maya - Saint Louis, MO
Bridge, Jack - Chesterfield, MO
Burger, Ellie - Chesterfield, MO

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Carlson, Kyle - Edwardsville, IL
Carpenter, Abby - Wildwood, MO
Casanova, Adam - Saint Louis, MO
Cassity, Connor - Saint Louis, MO
Chobanian, Haleigh - Glencoe, MO
Chouhan, Rohit - Saint Louis, MO
Cooper, Will - Saint Louis, MO
Cunnane, Cade - Saint Louis, MO

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Daminato, Madison - Wildwood, MO
Davis, Braden - Saint Louis, MO
Davis, Rebecca - Saint Louis, MO
Demos, Arianna - Glencoe, MO
Desse, Jack - Edwardsville, IL
Diehl, Austin - Saint Peters, MO
Dolan, Kate - Saint Louis, MO
Dubuque, Matthew - Saint Louis, MO
Dulle, Joey - Clayton, MO
Dunn, Matthew - Saint Charles, MO

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Elangovan, Ashwath - Ballwin, MO
Essma, Christine - Saint Louis, MO
Essma, Michael - Saint Louis, MO

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Fagan, Blaise - Kirkwood, MO
Fan, Matthew - Creve Coeur, MO
Faris, James - Saint Louis, MO
Fesser, Derek - O Fallon, MO

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Gavaller, Bianca - Maryland Heights, MO
Gillam, Kylel - Saint Louis, MO
Gillam, Takai - Saint Louis, MO
Good, Justin - Chesterfield, MO
Graf, Andy - Mascoutah, IL
Gururaj, Anirudh - Chesterfield, MO

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Harris, Brandon - Edwardsville, IL
Hasenmueller, Pete - Glencoe, MO
Haskins, Carson - Ballwin, MO
Heitland, Meredith - Saint Louis, MO
Helbig, Brett - Fenton, MO
Hoppenjans, Isabella - Belleville, IL
Hoppenjans, Noah - Belleville, IL
Hughes, Kenna - Eureka, MO

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Jaladi, Sri - Saint Louis, MO

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Kanter, Jacob - Chesterfield, MO
King, Cesiley - Frontenac, MO
Klutke, Grace - Saint Louis, MO
Kutheis, Vivian - Kirkwood, MO

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LaRose, Megan - Edwardsville, IL
Lesko, Michael - Columbia, IL
Lightner, Joshua - Scott AFB, IL
Lindsay, Victoria - Belleville, IL
Lombardi, Emily - Glen Carbon, IL
Lombardi, Madeline - Glen Carbon, IL

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Maeda, Kelly - Wildwood, MO
Martin, Claire - Chesterfield, MO
Mascalco, Maria - Ballwin, MO
Mayer, Collin - Eureka, MO
Mayfield, Bridget - Saint Louis, MO
McAllister, Joseph - Saint Louis, MO
McCarthy, Kylie - Troy, IL
Merkel, Bailey - Weldon Spring, MO
Miller, Elliott - Saint Charles, MO
Miller, Genna - Saint Charles, MO
Miller, Joshua - O Fallon, MO
Monken, Taylor - Swansea, IL
Montgomery, Andrew - Saint Louis, MO
Montgomery, David - Saint Louis, MO

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Neskar, Kayla - Chesterfield, MO

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Panesar, P J - Saint Louis, MO
Pavek, Grace - Belleville, IL

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Quan, Edward - Maryland Heights, MO

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Raclin, Geoffrey - Saint Louis, MO
Remis, Ben - Saint Louis, MO
Remis, Samantha - Saint Louis, MO
Rosenberger, Alexandria - Saint Louis, MO
Rosenberger, Katarina - Saint Louis, MO
Rutz, Tyler - Lebanon, IL

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Salisbury, Luke - Saint Peters, MO
Schmid, Andy - Wildwood, MO
Schneller, Daniel - Saint Louis, MO
Shah, Zale - Saint Louis, MO
Skinner, Brendan - Belleville, IL
Stengel, Kate - Town and Country, MO
Sullivan, Mary - Kirkwood, MO
Sundaram, Ritik - Chesterfield, MO

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Takenaka, Yuri - Saint Charles, MO
Thornton, Gabriella - Creve Coeur, MO
Thornton, Kyle - Creve Coeur, MO
Thornton, Ryan - Saint Louis, MO
Tracy, Michael - Des Peres, MO
Trimpe, Zachary - Edwardsville, IL

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Umen, Aaron - Saint Louis, MO

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Vallurupalli, Jai - Clayton, MO
Vallurupalli, Neel - Clayton, MO
Varner, Matthew - Ellisville, MO
Veronikis, Angeline - Saint Louis, MO
Veronikis, Constantine - Saint Louis, MO
Vidal, Andres - Clayton, MO

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Way, Maria - Saint Louis, MO
Weiler, Erik - Edwardsville, IL
Wilner, Elena - Chesterfield, MO
Wilson, Janelle - Godfrey, IL
Wong, Matthew - Creve Coeur, MO

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Yanaba, Kenji - Ballwin, MO
Youngberg, Dillon - Town and Country, MO

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Zeng, Athena - Wildwood, MO

114 Total Players

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