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Anderson, Eric

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Behrens, Maximo
Benaway, Thomas - Portland, OR
Blanck, Neil - Portland, OR
Bock, Elizabeth
Boyer, Robert

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Chan, Stephanie - Happy Valley, OR
Cooper, Amy
Cooper, Lane

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De Garmo, Kevin
deLarquier, Jeanne-Sarah - Portland, OR
Depinto, Joey - Yelm, WA
Dorau, Jacob - Portland, OR

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Eckerdt, Randal - Portland, OR
Ekstrand, Craig - Portland, OR
Epstein, Lisa

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Farrell, Monica
Fernandez, Erik - Portland, OR
Freeborn, Charles
Freeman, Charles - Portland, OR

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Grant, Darrell
Grenham, Brad

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Henningsen, Betsy

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Jacklet, Ben

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Kathan, Jenelle
Kearns, Jerry - Tualatin, OR
Kendall, William
Keppel, Robert - Lake Oswego, OR
Korns, Charlie

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Leissler, Lyudmila
Leitenberger, Justin - Portland, OR
Lendahls, Martin
Levy, Stephen - Portland, OR
Lewis, David
Light, Melissa - Portland, OR

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McTague, Michael - Portland, OR
Mealey, David
Mehr, Michelle
Merdler, John - Portland, OR
Muck, Kevin - Vancouver, WA

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Nguyen, Austin - Beaverton, OR
Nishimoto, Fumi

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O'Connell, John
Ornstein, Bob

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Paine, Nicholas

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Quisling, Brian

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Riley, Sheryl
Rosete, Franco

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Schonlieb, Gianmaria
Shapiro, Jonathan - Portland, OR
Shoop, Kevin - Portland, OR
Staley, Spencer
Sugar, Nina

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Tan, Beldavid
Tannenbaum, Steve
Taylor, Jenny
Topelman, Lars
Tursich, Tony

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Volle, Lisa

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Walker, Colleen
Wassenberg, Craig - Lake Oswego, OR
Wellman, Kaie
Wong, Tristan - Portland, OR

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Yazzolino, Nick - Portland, OR
Young, Winston - Portland, OR

65 Total Players

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