Glen Creek Holiday Open DR L7
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Abinanti, Anthony - Pittsburgh, PA
Adams, Madison - Wexford, PA
Alagar, Indrani - Pittsburgh, PA
Alagar, Jayalakshmi - Pittsburgh, PA
Alagar, Krishnan - Pittsburgh, PA
Alagar, Rajan - Pittsburgh, PA
Alagar, Saraswati - Pittsburgh, PA
Ascencio, Ellian - Venetia, PA
Ascencio, Miguel - Venetia, PA

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Baich, Annie - Pittsburgh, PA
Bang, JungEek - Allison Park, PA
Beachy, Elizabeth - Canonsburg, PA
Beer, Cameron - Moon Township, PA
Bencherif, Neil - Pittsburgh, PA
Berg, Ariela - Pittsburgh, PA

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Campagna, Carlye - Mc Murray, PA
Carpenter, Anna - Bethel Park, PA
Carter, Chelsea - Pittsburgh, PA
Cenkner, Noah - Acme, PA
Chen, Derek - Cranberry Twp, PA
Chuirazzi, Andrew - Mars, PA
Chuirazzi, Mark - Mars, PA
Claherty, Alexandra - Pittsburgh, PA
Consiglio, Angela - Wexford, PA
Curry, Savannah - South Park, PA

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D'Amico, Domenick - Pittsburgh, PA
D'Angelo, Logan - Moon Township, PA
D'Orazio, Allie - Venetia, PA
Davic, Remy - Pittsburgh, PA
Davidson, Chase - Wexford, PA

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Ekanem, Amika - New Martinsville, WV
Ekanem, Joshua - New Martinsville, WV
Elia, Katherine - Erie, PA
Estatico, Ryan - Pittsburgh, PA

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Fadden, Lauren - Waterford, PA
Fadden, Lindsey - Waterford, PA
Fanning, Jessica - Bethel Park, PA
Ference, James - Bethel Park, PA
Ford, Zane - Wexford, PA
France, Carson - Pittsburgh, PA

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Gannon, Casey - Pittsburgh, PA
Garcia, Alexandra - Venetia, PA
Gibbons, Liam - Pittsburgh, PA
Gladden, Christopher - Canonsburg, PA
Gladden, Elizabeth - Pittsburgh, PA
Gladden, Luke - Canonsburg, PA
Gorman, Amelia - Bethel Park, PA
Gotkiewicz, Emily - Canonsburg, PA
Gray, Maura - Pittsburgh, PA
Gruber, Aaron - Gibsonia, PA

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Ham, Alexander - Pittsburgh, PA
Happe, Morgan - Pittsburgh, PA
Harrison, Jonathan - Allison Park, PA
Hart, Isabelle - Pittsburgh, PA
Hartz, Ryan - Perryopolis, PA
Himler, Alexander - Pittsburgh, PA
Hofmann, Richard - Pittsburgh, PA
Huang, Ashley - Wexford, PA

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Immonen, Sebastian - Wexford, PA

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Jackson, Cassidy - South Park, PA
Jones, Tanner - Bethel Park, PA
Jorden, Jared - Wheeling, WV

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Kaminsky, Sara - South Park, PA
Karidis, Melissa - Cranberry Twp, PA
Kemp, Gabrielle - Pittsburgh, PA
Kemp, Garrison - Pittsburgh, PA
Kolano, Elena - Mars, PA
Komer, Anna - Venetia, PA
Kwok, Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA

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Laderer, Christine - Pittsburgh, PA
Lee, Kevin - Harrison City, PA
Lilley, Dru - Venetia, PA

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Madson, Charlotte - Pittsburgh, PA
Mannheimer, Logan - South Park, PA
Maracic, Tony - Pittsburgh, PA
Marks, Katherine - Pittsburgh, PA
Marx, Jacqueline - Pittsburgh, PA
May, Kennedy - Presto, PA
Mezhinsky, Daniel - Pittsburgh, PA
Molinaro, Ross - Pittsburgh, PA
Monroe, John - California, PA
Montgomery, Zachary - West Homestead, PA
Moore, Mackenzie - Mc Murray, PA
Mourad, Kanzy - Wexford, PA
Mourad, Tia - Wexford, PA
Muza, Ethan - Venetia, PA
Muza, Mason - Venetia, PA
Myer, Marissa - Bethel Park, PA

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Narayanan, Pramod - Pittsburgh, PA
Nath, Neil - Gibsonia, PA

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Parisi, Morgan - Venetia, PA
Petrone, Bella - Pittsburgh, PA
Petrone, Ross - Pittsburgh, PA
Pfefferle-Gillot, Michael - Allison Park, PA

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Raymundo, Joshua - Valencia, PA
Reese, Marikate - Pittsburgh, PA
Reese, Nicholas - Pittsburgh, PA
Rest, Rebekah - Wexford, PA
Reuter, Alex - Allison Park, PA
Riley, Kristi - Pittsburgh, PA
Russell, Mike - Pittsburgh, PA
Russell, Scott - Pittsburgh, PA
Rutkowski, John - Mc Kees Rocks, PA

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Sadowski, Isabella - Mc Kees Rocks, PA
Schaffer, Peyton - Mc Murray, PA
Schmidt, Dan - Bridgeville, PA
Schmitt, Elizabeth - Pittsburgh, PA
Schultz, Caitlyn - Erie, PA
Simms, Kumar - Pittsburgh, PA
Snodgrass, Alyssa - South Park, PA
Sollon, Christen - Venetia, PA
Steeley, Emily - Greensburg, PA
Stentz, Ryan - Pittsburgh, PA
Stroyne, Jennifer - Venetia, PA

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Taylor, Margaret - Beaver, PA
Terasavage, Alexandra - Pittsburgh, PA
Terasavage, Christina - Pittsburgh, PA

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Victoria, Nina - Coal Center, PA
Vietmeier, Christian - Pittsburgh, PA
Voinov, Ivan - Sewickley, PA
Vujevich, Nicole - Pittsburgh, PA

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Wang, Nathan - Venetia, PA
Ward, Alexa - Pittsburgh, PA
Ward, Katie - Pittsburgh, PA
Ward, Kelly - Pittsburgh, PA
Warner, Olivia - Eighty Four, PA
Wilke, Michael - Pittsburgh, PA
Wojcikiewicz, Erica - Valencia, PA

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Zimmerman, Bridget - Pittsburgh, PA
Zlotnikov, Samuel - Pittsburgh, PA

130 Total Players

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