Wildcat New Year Challenger L6
   The Competitor List   

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Avery, Isabel - Evanston, IL

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Balas, Megan - Arlington Heights, IL
Beebe, Giselle - Olympia Fields, IL
Beedle, Daniel - Lake Forest, IL
Beedle, David - Lake Forest, IL
Boston, Alexandria - Chicago, IL
Boudreau, Kevin - Antioch, IL

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Choi, Andrew - Chicago, IL
Czosnyka, Kamila - Park Ridge, IL

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Drier, Dylan - Wilmette, IL
Drier, Scott - Wilmette, IL

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Ellis, Aubrey - Winnetka, IL
Emmanouil, Angelica - Sugar Grove, IL

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Fine, Joshua - Highland Park, IL
Friedman, Benjamin - Bannockburn, IL

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Gan, Ross - Glenview, IL
Goldberg, Caitlin - Highland Park, IL

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Henry, Brittany - Homewood, IL

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Kalter, Natalie - Winnetka, IL
Kilborn, Charlie - Winnetka, IL
Klipstein, Anna - Arlington Heights, IL
Krubeck, Zachary - Chicago, IL

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Liu, Allison - Wilmette, IL
Loftus, Brendan - Wilmette, IL

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Mayer, Ricky - Wilmette, IL
Mayer, Wyatt - Wilmette, IL
Miller, Jordan - Deerfield, IL
Munson, Sean - Chicago, IL

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Nichols, Elizabeth - Wilmette, IL

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Okuda, Ayako - Elk Grove Village, IL

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Parry, Charlie - Wilmette, IL
Popov, Dimitar - Des Plaines, IL
Ptak, Jennifer - Park Ridge, IL

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Ratner, Lee - Deerfield, IL
Richter, Adam - Dyer, IN
Richter, Colin - Dyer, IN

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Sheinin, Peri - East Greenwich, RI

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Tolani, Serena - Oak Brook, IL

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Ward, Braden - Antioch, IL
Wells, Trivon - Chicago, IL

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Yoo, Ryan - Buffalo Grove, IL

41 Total Players

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