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Albertson, Monica - North Canton, OH
Aufrance, AnnaMae - Louisville, OH

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Bandi, Monika - Solon, OH

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Cavalier, Mackenzie - Uniontown, OH
Caynor, Brandon - Norton, OH
Cole, Elizabeth - Shaker Heights, OH
Cross, Robert - North Canton, OH
Curran, Sarah - Rumford, RI

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Daverio, Isabella - Richfield, OH
Dickerhoof, Mark - Clinton, OH
Dilling, Michelle - Canton, OH

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Fahmy, Alexander - Massillon, OH
Fahmy, Joseph - Massillon, OH
Fahmy, Natalie - Massillon, OH
Fahmy, Nicholas - Massillon, OH
Fair, Taylor - Carrollton, OH
Freisen, Juliana - Canal Fulton, OH

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Gardner, Garrett - Poland, OH
Gill, Christina - Aurora, OH
Griffing, Drew - North Canton, OH
Grissom, Zach - Canal Fulton, OH
Guira, Alexia - Canton, OH

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Hanna, Austin - Seville, OH
Haskell, Madison - Stow, OH

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Isaac, Alison - Auburn, CA
Isaac, Ashley - Auburn, CA

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Jha, Aditya - Strongsville, OH

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Kirchner, Robert - Strongsville, OH
Koehler, Devin - Canton, OH
Kumar, Bharat - Akron, OH
Kumar, Raj - Akron, OH
Kumar, Ram - Akron, OH

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Markijohn, Christopher - Canton, OH
McCarren, James - North Canton, OH
Mittas, Paige - Canton, OH
Modi, Devesh - Brecksville, OH
Modi, Vikash - Brecksville, OH
Mullins, Desaray - Canton, OH

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Nashawati, Dena - Canton, OH
Nelson, Danny - Big Prairie, OH
Nelson, Rachel - Big Prairie, OH
Noall, Weston - Solon, OH

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O'Connor, Michael - North Canton, OH
Oaks, James - North Canton, OH

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Palutsis, Danielle - Louisville, OH
Payiavlas, Alexander - Warren, OH
Payiavlas, Anthony - Warren, OH
Payiavlas, Constantine - Warren, OH
Payiavlas, John - Warren, OH

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Reese, Lindsay - Massillon, OH
Reese, Megan - Massillon, OH
Reese, Paige - Massillon, OH
Reese, Samantha - Massillon, OH
Reid, Robert - Mansfield, OH
Reyes, Joshua - Alliance, OH
Ricciardi, Anthony - Youngstown, OH
Ricciardi, Marisa - Youngstown, OH

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Sawtell, Jake - North Canton, OH
Shields, Ian - Massillon, OH
Sirpilla, Isabella - Massillon, OH
Skeriotis, Michael - North Canton, OH
Skeriotis, Yianni - North Canton, OH
Sloan, Mitchell - Canton, OH
Soltesz, Grace - Westlake, OH
Spencer, Mark - North Canton, OH
Sweet, Jenna - Clarksville, MD

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Ta, Anjali - Canton, OH
Ta, Devin - Canton, OH
Taylor, Christine - North Canton, OH
Thomas, Emily - Canton, OH
Torres, Ana - Carrollton, OH

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Utterback, Laurel - North Canton, OH

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Warburton, Abigail - North Canton, OH
Wickwire, Chester - Canfield, OH
Wickwire, Liam - Canfield, OH
Winans, Destiny - Canton, OH
Worstell, Regan - Canton, OH

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Yeary, Robert - Uniontown, OH

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Zalenski, Jake - Canton, OH

79 Total Players

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